How do you get a virtual runDisney medal?

Registered runDisney Virtual participants will receive their commemorative medal in the mail at the physical address they submit during the event registration process. Medals will be shipped at the conclusion of the event completion timeframe.

Subsequently, are runDisney virtual events worth it?

It’s a great way for Disney fans to race if you can’t afford the trip to Florida or can’t take the time off of work. And judging by the popularity – they all usually end up selling out – I think that runners have spoken on their enjoyment of the race experience!

Herein, are virtual Disney races worth it? Overall, I would say the virtual runDisney races are worth it if you go into them understanding that they are different than an in-park race. These are great options for new runners, people who need a little Disney magic to motivate them, or runners who just miss the magic! … All other single races have sold out.

Similarly one may ask, do Disney virtual races sell out?

Do runDisney virtual races sell out? Yes! And fast! (With summer 2020 selling out record-breakingly fast.)

Do you have to run in runDisney?

No. A theme park ticket is not needed to participate in a runDisney race. Is there a pacing requirement for my race?

Does everyone get a medal at runDisney?

Every race you complete earns you a medal, and each medal’s design is inspired by the runDisney weekend theme.

How do I submit proof of time to runDisney?

Proof of time submissions must be made within your participant account and cannot be accepted via email. If someone else registered you, your proof of time submissions must be made to your registration within the account for the person who registered you and cannot be accepted via email.

How many medals do you get for Dopey Challenge?

Take the ultimate Challenge—48.6 miles in 4 consecutive days—and get Dopey over racing and medals! Complete all 4 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend races on pace and earn not only the 4 individual event medals, but both the Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge medal and the Dopey Challenge Medal—for a grand total of 6!

How many miles is a 10K run?

6.2 miles

How quickly does runDisney sell out?

But 5K sold out first; by 45 minutes in, the 10K sold out; and right after that, the challenge sold out. So those went within 45 minutes. That’s a pretty quick sell out.

What is the runDisney virtual challenge?

The runDisney Virtual Challenge includes all 3 Virtual 5K events. Complete them all and earn 3 finisher medals plus a bonus Challenge medal! This one-of-a-kind medal features Rafiki’s Ancient Tree painting of Simba, complete with the red baobab marking across his mane!

Who runs runDisney?

Disney Sports Enterprises

Formerly Disney Endurance Series
Services road races
Parent Disney Sports Enterprises (Disney Parks, Experiences and Products)

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