When can I register for runDisney 2023?

2023 Springtime Surprise Weekend

Last, but not least, Club runDisney registration for the Springtime Surprise Weekend spanning April 13-16, 2023 can sign-up on August 16, 2022. General registration will then open on August 23, 2022, followed by virtual event registration on August 26, 2022.

Beside above, can you walk the Disney marathon?

Yes, walkers are welcome in a runDisney event. Just be sure to maintain the minimum-pacing requirement for the race you’re participating in when walking. If you fall short, no worries!

Accordingly, how do I find my runDisney photos? runDisney Event photos are available in the My Disney Experience app within 48 hours after the race. To link your race photos to your Disney account, log in at MyDisneyPhotoPass.com, select “Link Photos,” and enter your 16-digit code, which is the 11-digit RaceID, plus your 5-digit bib number.

Subsequently, how do I register for a runDisney event?

How Can You Register For a runDisney Race?

  1. Early registration as a Club runDisney member. Membership is currently closed, but current members will be able to register a week earlier than everyone else. …
  2. Register online at runDisney.com with public registration. …
  3. Register through a runDisney charity partner.

How fast does runDisney sell?

So there weren’t a ton of bibs out there. But 5K sold out first; by 45 minutes in, the 10K sold out; and right after that, the challenge sold out. So those went within 45 minutes. That’s a pretty quick sell out.

How long do you have to finish the Disney marathon?

3.5 hours

How long does it take to train to run a marathon?

between 16 and 20 weeks

How much does it cost to run the Disney marathon?

$195 per runner

Is runDisney coming back?

runDisney Races 2022-2023 Upcoming Race Schedule:

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend: January 5-9, 2022. Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend: February 24-27, 2022. runDisney Springtime Surprise Weekend: March 31-April 3, 2022. Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon: November 3-6, 2022.

What is a 10K in miles?

A 10K race, which is 6.2 miles, is ideal for experienced runners who are looking for more of a challenge. It’s the second most popular race after the half-marathon and requires a fitness level that balances strength, energy, and endurance.

What is the RunDisney Goofy Challenge?

The 33-year-old from Denver, Colorado won what is dubbed the “Dopey Challenge” which consists of running the 5km, 10km, half marathon, and marathon event on consecutive days — a total of 48.6 miles.

When can I register for 2022 Disney marathon?

Club runDisney members will be able to register at 10:00 a.m. ET on March 15, 2022. Registration for the virtual event will open on March 25, 2022. Registration for the 2023 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend will open to Club runDisney members on April 12 and to the general public on April 19.

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