How do I contact golden one?

Call 1-877-GOLDEN 1 (1-877-465-3361) and select option 2.

One may also ask, does Golden 1 Credit Union have an app?

Watch our video to see how easy it is. The Mobile app offers quick and convenient ways to move money and pay bills. Manage your Golden 1 credit and debit cards with Card Controls.

Keeping this in view, does Golden 1 have Bill Pay? Automate your payments with Bill Pay1. Golden 1’s online bill payment service puts you in control. You can receive and pay bills, schedule recurring payments, and track your payment history. To get started, sign on to Mobile or Online Banking.

Considering this, does Golden 1 have Zelle?

Currently Golden 1 Credit Union doesn’t offer Zelle. With Golden 1 Online Banking you can transfer money within your Golden 1 accounts or to other Golden 1 members. You can also transfer funds to and from your accounts at other financial institutions.

How do I cash a bill pay check?

How do I change my billing address for Golden 1?

To update your address, phone number or email address online, sign on to Online Banking, select Settings on the top right corner, click Profile and then select the item you would like to update. For your security you will be asked to answer one of your security questions before making any updates.

How do I change my Golden 1 phone number?

Please call our Member Service Contact Center at 1-877-465-3361 for assistance. After successfully logging in and setting up your account, future phone number changes may be done under Settings.

How do I find my routing number golden one app?

The Golden 1 routing number is not listed in the Mobile Banking app, it can only be found in Online Banking or on For your convenience, our routing number is 321175261.

How do I increase my withdrawal limit Golden 1?

You can request a credit limit increase at any Golden 1 branch, or over the phone through our Member Service Contact Center at 1-877-GOLDEN 1 (1-877-465-3361).

How do I send money to Golden 1?

First download the Golden 1 Mobile Banking app if you don’t have it. Then tap “Pay & Transfer,” “Pay Other People,” and “Send Money.” Enter the recipient, the amount, and the delivery speed.

How do I transfer money from Golden 1 to Wells Fargo?

Transfer Money Between Accounts

  1. To transfer money between Golden 1 accounts: 1Select the “Transfers” tab. …
  2. To transfer money to and from your accounts at other U.S. financial institutions: 1Select the “Transfers” tab. …
  3. To transfer money between you and another Golden 1 member: 1Select the “Transfers” tab.

Is golden one only in California?

2018: Golden 1 is the first state-chartered credit union to be granted statewide field of membership in California. Anybody who lives and/or regularly works in California is now eligible for membership.

What is a Golden 1 member number?

Your member number (also known as your primary account number) is printed on your Golden 1 statements. Or, if you are enrolled in Online Statements, you can find your member number on your most recent account statement.

What is the account suffix?

It’s a piece of information that identifies the exact account. For example, checking, savings, auto loan, etc. The transfer recipient can find that number in two places. In the mobile app, the suffix is found next to the account name on the Accounts page.

Where is Golden 1 Credit Union headquarters located?

Golden 1 Credit Union Headquarters is located at 8945 Cal Center Drive in the Folsom Estates neighborhood, CA, Sacramento, 95826.

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