Does Disney still have Gay Days?

You don’t need a special ticket to visit the parks for Gay Days. Even though Disneyland does not present Gay Days, the event’s sponsors include Disney’s Aulani Hotel, Adventures by Disney, Disney Vacation Club and Disney Pride, which is the company’s LGBT diversity group.

Also question is, does Disney decorate for pride?

Disney Rides Transform to Include Colors of the Rainbow For Pride Month. … Not only are they bringing special merchandise and treats throughout the theme parks, but they are also transforming iconic Disney attractions so they “dazzle in the colors of the rainbow”! Related: Celebrate Pride Month With Disney+!

Likewise, does Disneyland do anything for pride month? Although Walt Disney World Resort and other Parks celebrate Pride month with merchandise and special drinks and food options, no one goes as big as Disneyland Paris Resort! Disneyland Pairs often has a full-on Pride party where Guests can join in on the fun and celebrate the joy and love of the LGBTQ+ community.

People also ask, what is the rainbow Disney collection?

Disney has recently unveiled the Rainbow Disney Collection, a variety of rainbow-colored merchandise ranging from Star Wars T-shirts to Marvel pins to Mickey Mouse masks.

What month is Disney pride?


Who was Walt Disney’s wife?

Lillian Disney, the widow of Walt Disney and a prominent patron of the arts, died on Tuesday at her home in the Holmby Hills section of Los Angeles after suffering a stroke on Monday. She was 98.

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