What day is Gay Day at Disney World?

first Saturday in June

People also ask, does Disney World have Gay Days?

The Gay Day events are not presented by Disney. Disney does not endorse any group that meets during regular park hours, and as such, does not offer information about the festivities. However, the resort is supportive of the events and the many guests that Gay Days brings to its parks, hotels and restaurants.

Keeping this in view, does Orlando have a gay area? Orlando, the theme park capital of the world, might not scream gay destination holiday on first thought – but away from the I-Drive hotel zone, you will actually find one of the most vibrant and LGBT-friendly cities in America!

Regarding this, what is there to do in Orlando for gays?

Popular Orlando Gay Bars and Gay Clubs

  • The Parliament House. Parliament House id an institution for the gay community and a center for gay Orlando. …
  • Barcodes Orlando. …
  • Southern Nights. …
  • Savoy Orlando. …
  • White Wolf Cafe and Bar. …
  • Lac-Viet Bistro. …
  • Hamburger Mary’s Bar & Grille. …
  • Gay-Friendly Accomodations.

Where can I meet gays in Orlando?

9 Best LGBT-Friendly Bars and Clubs in Orlando

  • Parliament House.
  • Hamburger Mary’s.
  • Barcodes Orlando.
  • White Wolf Café & Bar.
  • Southern Nights.
  • Hank’s Bar.
  • Savoy Orlando.
  • Stonewall Bar.

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