Will Tables in Wonderland be extended?

To provide our Tables in Wonderland members the opportunity to use a full year of their membership benefits, existing memberships affected by the temporary closure of Walt Disney World Resort will be extended for an additional 4 months beyond the printed date of expiration.

Keeping this in consideration, can DVC resale members buy tables in Wonderland?

DVC members and Annual Passholders receive a discounted price of $100. The Disney dining plan must be purchased prior to travel (at least 48 hours in advance) while Tables in Wonderland (TIW) can be purchased any time at any Guest Relations location including Disney Springs.

Beside above, can you use tables in Wonderland with dining plan? Dinner Package, Epcot Food and Wine Festival Events, and Candlelight Dinner Packages. If you are on a Disney Dining Plan, however, you may still use the Tables in Wonderland discount on any food or beverage items that are purchased, above and beyond what the Disney Dining Plan covers.

Beside this, does Il Mulino take Tables in Wonderland?

Swan – Garden Grove, Il Mulino, Kimonos, Shula’s Steak House. Wilderness Lodge – Territory Lounge, Whispering Canyon Café

How do you get a plastic table in Wonderland card?

You can also get your card at Guest Relations, but it’s a paper card. I highly recommend ordering over the phone and getting the plastic one. It’s much more durable. To order by phone simply call (407) 566-5858.

How long is Tables in Wonderland good for?

one year

How much does it cost to be a member of Club 33?

Members will pay $33,000 to join and the annual fee is $15,000. The astronomical pricing is meant to keep the club exclusive and highly sought after, and to fund the numerous benefits that Club 33 offers. Let’s face it though, every Disney fan would join, if they could pay the fees.

Is Disney selling tables in Wonderland?

2020 brought changes and uncertainty to many things in our world. In the world of Disney, the future of special programs like the Table in Wonderland discount membership became uncertain. The reason for this uncertainty is that Disney is currently not selling any new Tables in Wonderland memberships.

What is Wonderland in Disney?

Wonderland is the main setting for the 1951 Disney animated feature film Alice in Wonderland, which is based on the book by Lewis Carroll. It is an imaginary land created from a dream a young girl named Alice experiences.

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