Will MovieStarPlanet shut down?

No. MSP created a downloadable program. Msp is shutting down on pc I guess because flash will stop. But u can still play on mobile.

Moreover, can I play MovieStarPlanet on browser?

The recommended browser for MovieStarPlanet is Google Chrome. … If you are an Apple user, you can no longer run MovieStarPlanet on Safari browsers. We encourage you to use either Chrome or Firefox instead.

Also to know is, can MSP play online? MovieStarPlanet – Free Online Game – Start Playing | Kizi.

Beside this, can MSP play without downloading?

Next time you want to play MovieStarPlanet again, just double click the icon at your desktop. There is no need to download it again, or start browsers and activate Flash.

Can you log into MSP 2 with your MSP account?

If you already have created a user or want to log in with your MovieStarPlanet/BlockStarPlanet or BooniePlanet user, you click the Login link that is located on the bottom right-hand side in the character selection screen. You will now be in Central Plaza! Welcome to MovieStarPlanet 2!

Does MovieStarPlanet delete old accounts?

Conversation. Rest assured that we will not delete accounts that have purchased VIP, no matter how inactive! Cleaning up of inactive users targets only players who have not engaged with the game & only very low levels that have not logged in for 4 months might be removed from the game.

Does MovieStarPlanet exist?

MovieStarPlanet 2 is a new game in our universe, and both MovieStarPlanet and MovieStarPlanet 2 will co-exist for a long time. We will continue to release themes and maintain MovieStarPlanet, while we also develop MovieStarPlanet 2.

How do you change your username on MovieStarPlanet?

For safety reasons we can, regretfully, not offer to change your username, but we want you to know that your current username is one of a kind. Please feel free to create a new account and start the wonderful adventure all over again with another super cool username of your choice.

How old is MovieStarPlanet?

Launched in Denmark in 2009, MovieStarPlanet ApS has experienced explosive growth. Currently, the games are live in 16 countries across 11 European markets as well as the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Is MovieStarPlanet safe to download?

The website explains that “MovieStarPlanet is a safe, creative, and social online playground for children.” – MovieStarPlanet forum. But unfortunately, this is far from the truth. MovieStarPlanet is hazard towards your children. A common factor to prove this, are the users whom hack.

Who is Mybeau on MovieStarPlanet?

Mybeau is on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 101 (Lifetime Movie Star), and is 1st on the US high scores board, after passing the user Pumpchkin. Currently, her account is owned by her cousin, Samantha.

Who was Pumpchkin?

Pumpchkin is a deleted user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She was level 101 (Lifetime Movie Star) and no longer appears on the US server’s highscores board.

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