Why do some Disney cast members have a blue name tag?

Cast Members wearing a blue name tag have earned the prestigious Walt Disney Legacy Award, specifically reserved for employees who have done an exceptional job executing Disney’s mission to dream, create, and inspire.

Correspondingly, are Cast member trading pins?

Differences in Disney Pin Trading

There are two main differences between trading with Cast Members and other Guests. Cast Member’s will always agree to a trade, no matter what you offer (as long as it’s an approved pin). But another Guest can refuse to trade with you if you don’t have anything they want.

One may also ask, can cast members trade pins? Beginning tomorrow (October 15th), some Cast Member will have special, Mickey-shaped boards with pins on them that you can trade for. You’ll present your pin that you’d like to trade and then choose from the pins on the Mickey board.

Considering this, can Disney cast members have the same name?

Employees of the Walt Disney Company wear a variety of costumes, hair pieces, shoes, and accessories depending on the role they hold. All employees have one item in common, though. They all wear the same name tag. … Disney name tags only list a cast member’s first name and their hometown.

Do Disney cast members get free pins?

Cast members at Disney parks have the ability to trade pins with you. And they’re happy to do it! Of course, they’ll be that much happier to trade with any children in your traveling party. … Even when you notice such gear, you shouldn’t expect a pin trade.

How can you tell a fake Disney pin?

Spotting Fake Disney Pins

  1. Check the pin with a magnet.
  2. Move the pin under a light source.
  3. Mickey Waffling needs to extend past the edge of the pin.
  4. Mickey Waffling needs to be complete.
  5. Edges should be smooth.
  6. Fake pins have a different sound.
  7. The weight of the pin.
  8. Two nubs by the pin post.

How do you get a hidden Mickey pin?

A commonly sought after type of pin is the “Hidden Mickey.” Hidden Mickey pins, named as such because of the tiny Mickey head on each pin, are distributed to Cast Members, so the only way to get them in the parks is to trade for them. Twice a year, several sets of Hidden Mickeys are released in the parks.

How do you make a Disney name badge?

What are Disney cast member pins?

Cast Members use Hidden Mickey pins to trade with Guests. These pins measure approximately 1.25″. The backstamp is silver-colored and contains a box indicating the pin is a Hidden Mickey pin (formerly “Cast Lanyard Series,” “Cast Lanyard Collection,” or “Lanyard Pin”).

What are Disney cast members?

Disney Cast Members are the ones who make the true magic at the Disney Parks across the globe, from Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort in California and Florida to Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney Resort, Hong Kong Disney Resort, and Shanghai Disney Resort around the world.

What is a Disney completer pin?

Other rare Disney pins are completer pins. These are pins that complete a set. … Disney did not produce as many of this pin and makes it harder to find in circulation. You will know you have found a Disney Completer pin if it says ‘Completer Pin’ on the back.

What is a legacy cast member?

The Walt Disney Legacy Award recognizes Cast Members who go above and beyond to dream, create and inspire both fellow Cast Members and Guests, with recipients identified by their iconic blue nametags.

Will cast members trade scrapper pins?

All Disney Cast Members will accept them for trades, but they probably are not pins you would want to keep in your collection if you become a serious collector. … Moreover, Disney allows Cast Members to trade scrappers. Given both of these facts, Walt Disney World’s official stance on these pins is quite clear.

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