Why did Disney remove Trader Sam?

Meanwhile, controversial shrunken head dealer Trader Sam, recently removed from the Jungle Cruise ride after criticism for its racist depiction of Indigenous people, reappears onscreen in the reimagined form of Mexican actress Veronica Falcón.

Accordingly, can kids go in Trader Sam’s?

Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto welcomes the whole family—including children—from opening until 8:00 PM. After 8:00 PM, only Guests 21 years of age or older may visit.

Subsequently, does Trader Sam’s take reservations Disney World? Here’s the thing: Trader Sam’s doesn’t accept reservations (unlike Disney World’s other super-popular bar Oga’s Cantina). The ONLY way to get into Trader Sam’s right now is to wait in line.

Secondly, is Disney removing Trader Sam?

Trader Sam at the Jungle Cruise

When revealing this news, Disney clarified that Trader Sam, himself, will not be part of the scene. Per Disney, “But, while he’s out lost and finding some new inventory, it’s the animals that get the last laugh!”

Is Trader Sam coming back?

Jungle Cruise’s Trader Sam is gone — for now; Disney still says no plans to update Trader Sam’s. Changes are underway on Disney’s Jungle Cruise, the iconic opening-day attraction at Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

Is Trader Sam still on the Jungle Cruise?

Though Sam was a popular character that many Guests grew to recognize on the Jungle Cruise attraction, he was removed as part of Disney’s efforts to eliminate insensitive depictions of other cultures within the theme parks.

What did Disney Remove from Jungle Cruise?

Disneyland unveils Jungle Cruise that removes racially insensitive depictions, adds new story. Disneyland revealed its course correction for its Jungle Cruise attraction in Anaheim, California, and Walt Disney World in Florida that removes racially offensive depictions of Indigenous people.

What is Sam’s Gorilla Grog?

Gorilla Grog

1 oz Orange juice (no pulp) 1 oz Guava juice (Or 3 oz. of POG juice ) 1 oz Pineapple juice. 2 oz lemon juice.

What is wrong with Trader Sam?

Trader Sam Animatronic Removed from Jungle Cruise to Remedy “Negative Depictions of Natives” Guests riding the Jungle Cruise will no longer find the “head” salesman of the jungle at the end of the ride as Disney has removed the Trader Sam animatronic.

What was removed from Jungle Cruise?

Though the refurbishment of Jungle Cruise has been completed at Disneyland, cultural sensitivity changes are still being made to the attraction at Magic Kingdom. The latest minor change is the removal of totem poles from the crocodile scene.

Who is Disney’s Trader Sam?

Trader Sam is a character from the Jungle Cruise attraction in Disneyland, known as the “Head Salesman of the Jungle”. A female version of the character appears in the Jungle Cruise movie.

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