Which train station in Paris Goes to Disneyland?

Marne-la-Vallée Chessy station

In respect to this, can you take the metro to Disneyland Paris?

What’s the nearest metro station to Disneyland in Paris? The Mairie de Montrouge station is the nearest one to Disneyland in Paris.

Beside this, does the Eurostar go direct to Disneyland Paris? Eurostar to Disneyland® Paris. … And our direct services take you to Disneyland® Paris by train – right up to the park’s gates in fact – in just 2 hours 49 minutes. Remember, Eurostar runs direct to the park during popular times including school holidays and bank holidays.

Moreover, how do I get from central Paris to Disneyland?

The most popular way to travel between Disneyland Paris and the city centre is on the suburban commuter trains called the RER (Regional Express Network). Line A of the RER system terminates at Marne-la-Vallee station which is next to the front gates of Disney Village and the theme parks at Disneyland Paris.

How do you get from Paris to Disney Paris?

To get from Paris to Disneyland Paris you need to take the RER A line, the red line, east (ost) to Marne-la-Vallee–Chessy. In most stations, although not all of them, the sign for this route will feature a prominent Mickey head so you know it’s heading to Disneyland.

How far out of Paris is Disneyland?

The Park gates are only 20 miles from Paris, approximately one hour from the Paris airports by shuttle bus and just a two minute walk from Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy train station.

How many days do you need in Disneyland Paris?

How many days should I plan for visiting the two Disney Parks? Ideally, we’d recommend three full days. Two days for Disneyland Park and its five magical themed lands, one day for Walt Disney Studios Park and its four action-packed zones.

How much is a taxi from Paris to Disneyland?

Indicative costs from Paris to Disney

Taxi Paris 1-4 passengers 5-8 passengers
Tour Eiffel – Disneyland from 65€ from 80€
Porte Maillot Parigi – Disneyland from 75€ from 85€
Versailles – Disneyland from 80€ from 98€

How much is the Metro from Paris to Disneyland?

The fare is 7.60 Euro from central Paris to Disneyland Paris as of mid-2019. Because fares are zone-based, you need to keep your ticket in order to exit at Marne-la-Vallée—Chessy.

Is Disneyland Paris close to the Eiffel Tower?

The park is located 50 km from the Eiffel Tower, you can take the RER to go.

Is Disneyland Paris worth the money?

After weighing up all of the experiences we had, I would say, for a Disney an, it’s a whole-hearted “yes”! We spent four days there during the Christmas season and really felt like we had time to see it all – if you just have a day trip from London to Disneyland Paris, best to spend most of your day in Disneyland Park.

Is one day enough for Disneyland Paris?

If you’re planning a trip to Disneyland Paris, you’ll need at least one full day at Disneyland Park. But whether you’re planning a vacation from the United States or just a short day-trip from somewhere nearby, fitting the best rides of Disneyland Paris into one day can seem challenging.

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