Where can I farm hearty salmon?

Hearty Salmon

  • Locations: Tabantha Frontier, Hebra Mountains.
  • Two are found in the pond on the stone pillar closest to the entrance to Rito Village.

Consequently, how do you get hearty salmon in breath of the wild?

Speak to Notts, and she’ll give you Tabantha wheat. Kotts is a little yellow Rito in a pond near the entrance to Rito Village. Speak to Kotts, and she’ll give you hearty salmon.

Accordingly, how do you get the hearty salmon in age of calamity? The best places to get Hearty Salmons, how to use them, Hearty Salmon sell price and more can all be found here!

Quest Required Materials
Bounding Across the Waves ・ Chillfin Trout x10 ・ Hearty Salmon x5 ・ Lizalfos Trophy x50 ・ Bokoblin Trophy x200

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