What is KROQ number?


Secondly, does KROQ have a morning show?

The show continued, however, a rebranded “Kevin the Morning With Allie & Jensen.” But in a very controversial move, KROQ decided to pull the show just two and a half months in, on March 18 at the very start of the COVID-19 pandemic — ending Kevin Ryder’s time at the station after more than 30 years.

In this way, does KROQ have an app? Conveniently listen to KROQ-FM via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

In respect to this, how do I stream KROQ?

Listen to KROQ on RADIO.COM. Download and listen to KROQ, a world famous Alternative station based in Los Angeles. LISTEN LIVE at work or while you surf. 24/7 for FREE on RADIO.COM.

How do you request a song on KROQ?

Call or TEXT your party song request to 800-520-1067 for the The Kevin & Bean Show #PARTYMACHINE!!!

How do you text KROQ?

Text line is 1-800-520-1067 .

How much do KROQ DJS make?

They threatened to leave KROQ for a Disney syndication deal but ultimately opted to sign a new contract. At the peak of their careers they both earned $5 million per year in salary. As of this writing it is estimated that Kevin & Bean each earn $2-3 million per year.

Is KROQ still around?

For all intents and purposes, KROQ as it was is dead, and will remain so as long as it is part of Audacy. It isn’t the morning show that is the problem — the station had great talent there with Ted Stryker … at least until he vacated mornings.

What music does KROQ play?

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Iconic Los Angeles radio station KROQ, long known for showcasing the top names in alternative rock, programmed a pop hit, Post Malone’s “Circles,” into power rotation. On March 1, the song hadn’t registered a single spin.

Where is KROQ?


Who is Klein on KROQ?

Ally Johnson has been bumped up to co-lead of the morning show with incumbent Kevin Klein for the newly minted “Klein.

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