What is a Screen Pass in Movies Anywhere?

Screen Pass is a new innovative feature from Movies Anywhere that lets you share your love for movies with someone. Screen Pass allows you to send a pass to another movie lover that allows them to watch a Screen Pass-eligible movie for a limited time at no additional cost.

Hereof, how do I bypass my screen?

To be eligible to send a Screen Pass, you need to purchase a Movies Anywhere-eligible movie from a connected participating Digital Retailer or redeem a non-promotional digital code every eighteen (18) months. Note: Redeeming a promotional code does not make you eligible to send a Screen Pass.

Regarding this, what is Screen Pass on Movies Anywhere Reddit? A screen pass is a play in gridiron football consisting of a short pass to a receiver who is protected by a screen of blockers.

Likewise, people ask, why is it called a Screen Pass?

The only defenders left will be linebackers, which will be picked up by the “screen” of offensive linemen in front of the receiver—hence the name “screen pass”.

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