What happened Daran Alexandra?

Back on April 14, 2020, Dari shared on Instagram that she took a break from Fox News due to COVID-19. She celebrated her return to work. “So glad to be back at work Fox 5 News on my shows 5 and 10 p.m. news again.

One may also ask, what is Allison Seymour doing?

Allison Seymour left the morning show at Fox 5 D.C. in August after 21 years. Now, she’s back on television. The longtime anchor has joined D.C.’s WUSA, the Tegna station in the market, where she’ll be appearing on the morning news show, Get Up DC!

In this way, where is Bianca Peters today? Peters joined FOX 5 in September 2019. She was previously the co-host of Good Day Wakeup weekdays from 4:30 a.m. – 7 a.m. Peters comes to FOX from WFOR-TV in Miami, Florida, where she served as a traffic anchor and sports reporter.

Then, who did Lori Stokes replace?

Stokes and Bartelstein proved to work well and eventually helped bring Eyewitness News This Morning back to the number one position it had enjoyed in previous years. The pair eventually took over anchoring duties for Eyewitness News at Noon, replacing Nancy Loo and David Ushery once again.

Who is Bianca Peters?

Bianca Peters is an American news anchor for FOX 5. The 30-year-old from Miami, Florida, co-hosts the New York morning show Good Day Wake Up from 4:30 am to 7 am every weekday. Bianca graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from California State University before starting her news career.

Who is Erin Como?

Erin Como is a highly recognized American broadcast journalist, newscaster, and traffic anchor. She has been relentlessly covering every breaking news stories and headlines for Fox-owned and operated television station WTTG. She also appears across the television presenting travel shows that include ‘Road Trippin’.

Who is Marissa Mitchell?

Marissa Mitchell is a 2018 Emmy-nominated anchor and multimedia reporter at FOX 5 Atlanta. She’s on the desk each weeknight on the station’s FOX 5 News Edge at 11 program, meanwhile she turns daily news reports from the field.

Who is Raegan Medgie married to?

Medgie is currently married to Jamie Monos. However, there is no much information if couples have children or not. We are keeping tabs and we will update you once this information is available.

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