What happened at the end of KHUx?

It turns out you were Xehanort’s past life the whole time in KHUx and you died at the end and chose to be reborn as him. All of the other dandelions “die” and their hearts meld with their Chirithies and turn into the sweet noodle dream eaters from Dream Drop Distance.

Moreover, how old is Ventus in BBS?

His actual biological age is obviously still 16 as it is a known fact that during the four years between the creation of Vanitas and the actual beginning of BBS he did age normally.

Secondly, is xehanort a player? Xehanort, also known as Master Xehanort, is a major character in the Kingdom Hearts series, and is the central antagonist of the Dark Seeker Saga. Xehanort is the main playable character of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, which takes place during his youth and explores his journey to becoming the Seeker of Darkness.

Furthermore, is Xehanort black?

Xehanort is probably a dark-skinned east asian but who knows if Nomura thought about that.

Is Xehanort from Destiny Island?

Yes, Xehanort is from Destiny Island. At the beginning of Birth By Sleep we have a Young Xehanort who says “This world is just too small.” because he always saw the islands as a miserable, limiting place for himself. kid! Riku even mentions him in Birth By Sleep.

What happened to Skuld kh?

Kingdom Hearts Union Cross’ finale doesn’t cover what happens to Skuld following Daybreak Town’s collapse, but she likely landed in Hollow Bastion sometime after Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep; it’s likely she’s Subject X, the mysterious time-displaced girl that Apprentice Xehanort experimented on in an attempt to …

What worlds are in KHUx?

New Worlds have been added:

  • Castle of Dreams.
  • Enchanted Dominion.
  • Game Central Station.
  • Niceland.
  • Cy-Bug Sector.
  • Candy Kingdom.

Who is the mysterious boy in kh3?

Kingdom Hearts III

A mysterious boy who reached out to Sora’s heart in a moment of crisis. “We’ll go together.” Ephemer is a Keyblade Master who appears in Kingdom Hearts χ. He seeks to discover the truth behind the gathering of Lux and the structure of the world.

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