What do regional centers do?

Regional centers provide a wide array of services for individuals with developmental disabilities. Each center provides diagnosis and assessment of eligibility, and helps plan, access, coordinate and monitor services and supports.

Thereof, do other states have regional centers?

Presently our Regional Centers cover areas in 41 states, including most major metropolitan areas. … Those states that are white do not currently have a regional center.

Moreover, how are regional centers funded? California’s 21 regional centers receive funding from the State of California, through the California Department of Developmental Services, as well as from other sources including the federal government. Learn more about our State budget by visiting the State of California, Department of Finance budget Web site.

Beside this, how many regional center clients are there in California?

21 Regional Centers

How many regional centers are there?

21 Regional Centers

Is ADHD a developmental disability?

Lots of experts and parents refer to attention deficit disorder as a behavioral disorder or a neurobehavioral disorder, but it’s crucial to recognize that it is a developmental disorder, too.

Is regional center nationwide?

Information About Regional Centers

Regional centers are nonprofit private corporations that have offices throughout California to provide a local resource to help find and access the many services available to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

What does Alta California Regional Center do?

Alta California Regional Center ( ACRC ) is a private non-profit corporation working under contract with the California Department of Developmental Services ( DDS ) to assist people with developmental disabilities, children at risk of developing a developmental disability and their families, to achieve healthy and …

What does Kern Regional Center do?

The center provides services for people of all ages with developmental disabilities and their families who live in Kern, Inyo and Mono Counties. Geographic and other restrictions apply.

What is a Regional Center client?

Regional centers are private, independent non-profit corporations – each one covering a different geographic area – contracted by the State of California through the Department of Developmental Services to coordinate lifelong services and supports for people with developmental disabilities and their families.

When did regional centers start?


Who is the director of Harbor Regional Center?

Patrick Ruppe

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