What computer do I need for ASU?

You will need a standard laptop or desktop computer to access your classes. A mobile device, tablet or netbook will not provide the access and functionality necessary for ASU Online courses. A webcam and headset (with microphone) may be required for some classes. Google Drive.

Subsequently, are ASU libraries open?

Please note: During the spring 2022 semester, ASU Library locations are open to current ASU students, faculty and staff. Non-ASU visitors are welcome to use our services by making an appointment with specific service areas.

In respect to this, can I use a Chromebook for ASU Online? ASU Sync classes require access to the internet, a standard laptop or desktop computer, and may require a webcam and microphone. We do not recommend the use of iPads or Chromebooks for ASU Sync, as these devices do not work for class exams that may be proctored remotely.

Accordingly, does ASU give you a laptop?

The ASU Laptop Loan program has been reinstated in a limited capacity for the spring 2022 semester. This program offers Windows 10 laptops to currently enrolled ASU students in need of a computer to successfully complete their coursework.

How do I log into my ASU computer?

ASU students, faculty and staff must login using their ASURITE credentials. Visitors may use the wireless network by selecting “ASU Guest Access”. Guest users are restricted to HTTP and HTTPS web browsing (i.e., other network protocols are not supported).

How good is Arizona State University for computer science?

ASU – Tempe CompSci Rankings

The bachelor’s program at ASU – Tempe was ranked #102 on College Factual’s Best Schools for compsci list. It is also ranked #1 in Arizona.

Is ASU a good online school?

ASU’s online program earned a score of 92 out of 100. The magazine’s top three online bachelor’s programs were Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide, which ranked first with a score of 100; Temple University; and the University of Oklahoma. Other ASU Online programs that ranked highly were two from the W. P.

Is ASU Online Easy to get into?

ASU online and ASU on-campus are both moderately selective. The online school has a 63.8% acceptance rate. On the other hand, the traditional school has an acceptance rate of 86.5%. Since ASU online has a lower acceptance rate, applicants have higher chances of gaining admission into ASU in-person.

Is ASU Online expensive?

For students enrolled in a fully online degree program, ASU undergraduate tuition ranges from $480 to $543 per credit hour, regardless of residency status, with no additional program fees. Specific tuition amounts for each program are listed on the individual program pages.

What time does the ASU experience center close?


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