Is the Harry Potter Forbidden Journey ride scary?

How scary is Forbidden Journey? We would rank Forbidden Journey five out of five Dementors in terms of scariness. Close encounters with over-sized spiders and those pesky Dementors, along with the unique ride motion, can make the experience as scary as it is amazing.

Likewise, people ask, does Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride have drops?

This omnimover style system relies on a robotic arm to lift, drop, and spin riders through real sets that use wrap-around projection screens. The ride uses an over-the-shoulder harness system to keep guests safe during the ride.

Furthermore, does the Forbidden Journey make you sick? In Florida, major theme parks must report ride-related injuries and illnesses serious enough to send people to the hospital for more than 24 hours. Universal Orlando has logged 10 such cases of motion sickness or nausea for Forbidden Journey.

Secondly, how does the Forbidden Journey ride work?

How intense is Harry Potter Forbidden Journey?

The ride is not intense in a roller-coaster kind of way. But we did lose items from our pockets as the bench moved us into a prone position and shook us down. You would too, if you have anything in your pockets.

Is Harry Potter the Forbidden Journey a roller coaster?

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey uses KUKA robocoaster technology, which allows the seats to pivot while being held above the track by a robotic arm. However, the ride is not a roller coaster but a scenic dark ride.

Which Harry Potter ride is scarier?

Harry Potter And The Forbidden Journey ride at Universal Studios can be seen as scary as it is ‘dark themed’ and does have some frightening tendencies such as the Acromantula called Aragog and the dementors that are within the ride.

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