Is Scene It still made?

Screenlife, the Seattle-based DVD board-game company that created the movie-trivia game Scene It?, is closing its doors. Paramount Pictures, which acquired Screenlife in 2008, issued a statement Wednesday explaining its reasons for closing the company, which has 40 employees.

Also, can you play Scene It on the Wii?

experience to a whole new level. The first Scene it! playable on Wii, it features 1-4 player game support and utilizes clips and images from the hottest blockbusters and Hollywood favorites and is designed to challenge movie buffs and casual movie fans alike.

In this manner, can you play Scene It on Xbox? Play on your own, or compete against friends in 2-4 player multiplayer. With downloadable content available via Xbox LIVE Marketplace, players always have a fresh play experience.

Likewise, people ask, can you play Scene It with 2 people?

Scene It? ® can be played with 2 to 4 players or teams. Travel around the game board and be the first to enter the winner’s circle. Requires a TV, DVD player, and remote control (not included).

Is Final Cut an all play?

From this point, they have two ways to win the game: the first is an all play to win challenge; if that proves unsuccessful, the second option is Final Cut. Whenever a player rests on the Stop space, they must complete an all play to win challenge.

Is there a Disney Scene It app?

‘ App. Disney is launching a new family app, “Disney Shout!,” a game that has players hold up their phones and guess the Disney character, famous scene or match pictures.

Is there an updated version of Scene It?

Loaded with new clips and puzzles, this updated version touches on oversized apes to princess brides and all things in between. There are over 1,000 questions on the 160 trivia cards, so even if you see the same snippet from the 180 on the DVD during the same game, the question about that scene will be different.

What company makes Scene It?

Screenlife Games

What happened to the Scene It games?

Seattle’s Screenlife Games, maker of the “Scene It?” trivia games, is being closed by its owner, Paramount Pictures, according to the unofficial word trickling out of the company on Monday.

What year did Disney Scene It come out?

Disney Edition DVD Game : Toys & Games.

Product Dimensions 2.6 x 10.5 x 15.7 inches
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer Yes
Release date September 19, 2006
Mfg Recommended age 4 – 10 years

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