How much is on my Disney Gift Card?

Disney Gift Cards are designed to hold a maximum of $1000.00. So you can in theory transfer $1000.00 but only if the card you were transferring to had a $0 balance. This means that if you’re saving cards to pay for holiday’s exceeding $1000 that you will need to have more than one card active.

Hereof, can Disney Gift Cards be loaded onto magic bands?

There is no way to directly link a Disney Gift Card to your MagicBand. However, if you are staying at a Disney Resort hotel, you can use your Disney Gift Cards to pay your hotel room account bill.

Similarly, can Disney Gift Cards be used for food? In addition to paying for your mobile food and beverage order, Disney Gift Cards can also be used at most Table-Service restaurants and retail locations throughout Walt Disney World Resort.

Also to know is, can you check balance on Disney Gift Cards?

Visit to check the balance and transaction history of your gift card. You may also call the toll free number on the back of your Disney Gift Card.

Do Disney Gift Cards expire?

Does my Disney Gift Card expire? No, the Disney Gift Card you purchased or received is valid for purchases until all remaining funds have been depleted from the card.

How do I activate my Disney Gift Card?

Disney Gift Cards should not need to be activated once purchased. The gift card will be active once the purchase process has completed. I suggest taking a photo or writing down the gift card number (and PIN code) as well as saving the receipt of purchase just in case your card is lost.

How do I check my Disney Gift Card without scratching?

You may check the unused balance on a Disney Gift Card eGift by calling 1-877-650-4327.

How do I check my Disney Rewards redemption card balance?

To find the balance on your Disney Rewards Redemption Card since your last credit card statement, go to My Disney Account page, log-in and see the balances on your Redemption Cards at the top of the page. You may also call a Customer Service Representative at 1-800-300-8575.

How do I transfer money from one Disney gift card to another?

You will need the 16-digit account number and 8-digit Security Code from each card to add to your account. The directions say that you’ll choose the card you wish to transfer the other cards to, select “Add Funds from Another Card” and then follow the instructions. Easy peasy!

How do I use a Disney Gift Card online?

At shopDisney, simply enter the Disney Gift Card eGift number found in your recipient email into the Gift Card Information box on the payment page along with a credit card number (required for Gift Card purchases at shopDisney).

How many Disney Gift Cards can you combine?

You can combine up to 5 Disney Gift Cards and/or a credit card to complete the order.

Is Disney Gift Card com legit?

The site is legit. I’ve used it multiple times to confirm my gift card balances and I’ve ordered gift cards through them. I think it actually links over to the Disney Store when you order a gift card.

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