How much is a spirit Jersey at Disneyland?

Grab the Walt Disney World EARidescent Spirit Jersey

Normally, a Disney Spirit Jersey will be priced at $74.99 (or if it’s fuzzy, approximately $80), already a jump from the previous years’ prices at about $60.00.

Accordingly, do Disney Spirit jerseys shrink?

The shirts don’t shrink much if you wash them in cool water, so you’re pretty safe ordering a slimmer fit if that’s what you like. If you still can’t decide, there’s another option: You can order both from and return the one that doesn’t fit within 30 days, at no cost to you.

Similarly one may ask, do guys wear spirit jerseys? Spirit Jerseys are especially Instagram-worthy, as you can see by the 13,000+ posts tagged with #spiritjersey (at last count). They will also fit everyone, man or woman, slim or fluffy. … If their namesake jerseys are any indication, the quality is excellent.

Additionally, does Disneyland Paris sell Spirit jerseys?

Disneyland Paris Rose Gold Spirit Jersey for Adults.

How do I clean my Disney spirit Jersey?

WASHING. Turn shirt inside out and hand wash or wash on a gentle cycle in cold water with similar colored items. DO NOT USE BLEACH OR FABRIC SOFTENER as this can also damage the glue.

How do you make a Disney spirit Jersey?

How should spirit jerseys fit?

Men and people with larger builds should size based a normal unisex t-shirt size or size up for an over-sized fit. Women and people with smaller builds should size down if they’re looking for a more classic fit (If you normally wear a small t-shirt, order an x-small) or order true to size for an over-sized fit.

What is a Disney spirit Jersey?

They are normally pretty simple, with a logo in the right corner and big words on the back. These shirts somewhat copy the look of sorority or fraternity shirts. Within the past year or so, Disney parks has slowly been selling more and more of these spirit jerseys.

What is the Disneyland font?


Category Casual script
Designer(s) Justin Callaghan
Design based on The Walt Disney Company logotype
Variations Waltograph UI
Also known as Walt Disney Script

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