How much is 5000 Air Miles worth?

AIR MILES Cash (5,000 reward miles)

5,000 miles gets you just over $500 of free purchases at a number of locations (depending on what region you are in!)

In this manner, can you convert Airmiles to cash?

Once Miles are in your AIR MILES Cash and Dream Accounts, they cannot be transferred from one to the other. However, you can change your balance preference as many times as you like.

Hereof, can you redeem air miles for gift cards? Learn more about AIR MILES Cash

You can use your Cash Miles for Free* Fuel, Car Wash and in-store purchases (excluding tobacco products, Shell Gift Cards, partner/third-party gift cards, prepaid credit cards, phone cards and any other goods or services specified from time to time or as excluded by law).

Furthermore, do air miles expire?

Do Air Miles Expire? Generally speaking, Air Miles do not expire, so long as you keep your account active. If your account has remained inactive for 24 consecutive months, or two years, your Air Miles will expire and disappear completely.

How do I check my Air Miles balance?

Log onto your account at and your current balance and the value of your Air Miles can be found at the top of the page. You will also receive an Air Miles Summary Statement every month, which shows how many Air Miles you have collected and from which partners.

How do I convert Dream Miles to cash miles?

One of the more insidious features of this two-tier rewards structure is that there is no way to transfer Dream Miles to Cash Miles, or vice-versa. Collectors must choose their earnings preference – 100 percent Cash Miles, 100 percent Dream Miles, or anything in-between.

How do I get my airmiles PIN number?

Look for your 11-digit collector number on your AIR MILES card or on your digital AIR MILES card in the AIR MILES app.

How do I redeem air miles?

Typically, while at checkout, show the cashier your AIR MILES Card and let them know you would like to use Cash Miles towards your purchase. You need to spend a minimum of $10 before tax; then every 95 Cash Miles will get you $10 off your purchase.

How do I unlock my airmiles Cash Account?

Collectors that choose to lock their Cash Account can unlock it in seconds before using Cash Miles in-store by using their PIN online or the AIR MILES App. While your Cash Account is locked, cashiers will not be able to see your Cash Account balance.

How many Air Miles is 10$?

95 Cash Miles

How much is 100 Air Miles worth?

It costs $30 to buy 100 Air Miles (that comes out to $0.30 a mile.)

Is airmiles worth collecting?

Air Miles has many long-time loyal collectors but also many critics fueled by weak earning rates, lack of redemption availability and the 2016 announcement of points cancellation saga. However, if you look past these concerns, Air Miles is still a solid program and can bring good value.

What is the cash value of air miles?

Air Miles is a form of rewards points. You’ll earn Air Miles by showing your membership card in participating in online stores. After you’ve collected enough Miles you can redeem them for cash, movie tickets, flights, or other items. Approximately, each Air Mile is worth something between $0.12 and $0.194.

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