How much does Sitka salmon cost?

SITKA SALMON SHARES SUBSCRIPTION COST AND PAYMENTS? Subscription packages range from $119 – $129 a box. The pricepoint is dependant upon the type, amount of fish, and frequency of delivery. Your first payment — which you make when you sign up — locks in your first month’s delivery.

Subsequently, how do I cancel Sitka Salmon?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. To cancel or change your address, simply send us an email at [email protected] or call us at (309) 342-3474.

Considering this, how much does it cost to ship fish from Alaska?


Furthermore, how much is Alaskan salmon worth?

The average Alaska price last year was $4.88 a pound, for a value of nearly $24 million. Ninety-nine percent of Alaska’s king salmon go to markets in the U.S. Alaska’s 2017 salmon harvest calls for 204 million fish, up nearly one million from last year.

Is Sitka Salmon sustainable?

According to the article, “Sitka Salmon Shares opened to bring sustainable fish harvests straight from Alaskan lures onto Midwestern plates in a way that respects the targeted and non-targeted species, the ocean environment, and Alaskan ecosystems vital to aquatic populations.” Mother Earth News noted that Sitka Salmon …

Is Sitka Salmon Wild caught?

Wild-caught from Southeast Alaska, coho salmon is known for its delicious texture and flavor. Our fishermen catch each coho individually on hook and line.

Is Sitka salmon worth it?

Is Sitka Salmon Shares any good? This is a tremendously high quality product. Alaskan seafood is amongst the best in the world and is fished and farmed sustainably. If you don’t have access to good seafood locally, this product ships flash frozen to your door in days – and is worth every penny.

Where is Sitka Salmon located?

Sitka, Alaska

Who owns Sitka salmon?

The business is owned by Seth and Anna Stewart. After growing up in Pelican, fishing for over 20 years, and learning what fresh, wild fish can do for quality of life, Seth had the dream of getting people the highest quality salmon possible.

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