How much does it cost to play a round of golf at Disney?

Disney’s Palm, Magnolia, and Lake Buena Vista Golf Courses

Sunset 9 (90 Day Adv Res)
2/11/22 – 3/12/22 After 4:00pm $45
3/13/22 – 4/10/22 After 5:30pm $45
4/11/22 – 5/22/22 After 5:30pm $35
5/23/22 – 9/29/22 After 5:30pm $29

In this manner, are Disney golf courses any good?

Boasting a traditional Tour-style design and a 4-star rating from Golf Digest, Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course is a golfer’s paradise for professionals and a true test of skill for beginners. In fact, Tiger Woods once walked this very course during a Masters championship.

Also, do Florida residents get a discount at Disney golf courses? Currently, Orlando area residents can make tee time reservations up to 7 days in advance and take advantage of discounts on green fees that are up to 40% below the fees paid by Walt Disney World® Resort Guests.

One may also ask, do you have to stay at Disney to play golf?

Guests of Disney Resort hotels can enjoy Walt Disney World® Golf discounts, as well as access to 90-day advance tee time reservation windows. As a Guest of a Disney Resort hotel, you also have access to complimentary taxi service between Walt Disney World® Golf courses and your Disney Resort.

How far in advance can I book Disney golf?

Tee times can be made up to 90 days in advance. Don’t be Goofy, book your next round of golf here and now for the best available rates to play any of Walt Disney World® Resort’s three championship courses; Disney’s Magnolia, Palm and Lake Buena Vista, or alternatively, try our 9-hole walking course, Disney’s Oak Trail.

How many golf courses are in Orlando?

25 golf courses

How many golf courses does Disney World have?

Golf – Frequently Asked Questions

Our 3 golf courses are 18-hole championship layouts playing to a par of 72. Each of these courses is suitable for golfers of all skill levels: Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course. Disney’s Palm Golf Course.

What is the nicest Disney golf course?

The best Disney golf courses around the world

  • Disney’s Lake Buena Vista Golf Course. …
  • Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course. …
  • Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course. …
  • Disney’s Palm Golf Course. …
  • Golf Disneyland Paris.

Who owns Disneys golf?

Arnold Palmer Golf Management

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