How do I setup my Disney Magic Mobile?

In the app:

  1. Go to Feature Menu Page ☰
  2. Select Disney MagicMobile.
  3. Follow the prompts to create a Disney MagicMobile pass.
  4. Add your Disney MagicMobile pass to your smart device’s digital wallet.

Furthermore, can Apple Watch be used as MagicBand?

You can use your Apple Watch instead of a Magic Band. However, you’ll need to create a My Disney Experience app profile and sync your Apple Watch to Apple Wallet. In the future, Disney-goers may be able to sync their accounts to other devices.

Also, can I give my Disney pass to someone else? Yes. If the ticket has not yet been used, you can reassign a ticket to another person on your Family & Friends list. To do so, visit the My Reservations section of My Disney Experience, locate the ticket you wish to reassign and select the “Reassign Ticket” link to the right of the ticket.

In this regard, can you get into Disney without your MagicBand?

You need a park pass reservation to enter the parks, Magic Bands are no longer free, the Disney Magical Express Bus will end after this year, Extra Magic Hours and FastPass+ are not available and now … your iPhone or Apple Watch can act as your ticket thanks to the magic of the new MagicMobile Pass.

Do you have to pay for MagicMobile?

MagicMobile is free, whereas you must pay for a MagicBand. Complimentary MagicBands are no longer offered with Disney World Annual Pass purchased and renewals. But, Passholders are still be able to use a special discount when purchasing new MagicBands.

Does Disney Magic mobile work on Android?

Available in the My Disney Experience app, Disney MagicMobile service is a convenient and more contactless way to access MagicBand features, like theme park entry, through the power of eligible iPhones, Apple Watch or Google Pay enabled Android phones.

Does Magic Mobile work with Samsung?

MagicMobile rolled out first for Apple users (including those with Apple Watches!). But now, we have exciting news for those with Androids. That’s right — MagicMobile is now available for Android users!

How do I connect my Apple Watch to Disney?

How do I download MagicMobile Pass?

How to Setup and Use Disney MagicMobile Pass

  1. Download the My Disney Experience App. …
  2. Search for MagicMobile Option. …
  3. Set Up Your Pass. …
  4. Customize Your Pass. …
  5. Add Pass to Digital Wallet. …
  6. Tap into a Theme Park. …
  7. Use Another Feature.

How do I setup my Disney Magic Mobile on my Android?

How do I use my phone at Disney?

Is Disney Magic Mobile Available on Android?

Android users can now use their phones in place of a MagicBand as MagicMobile has gone live today. Part of the My Disney Experience app, MagicMobile enables the user’s device to function as a park ticket, room key, and more.

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