How do I get a Disneyland Paris Green pass?

For Easy Access Cards, you can request it on the day of arrival by presenting an original medical certificate (in French or English signed and stamped by a medical doctor and less than 3 months old) indicating the Long Term Chronic Disease at the concierge or reception desk of your hotel, or at the entrance to the …

People also ask, are masks required in Disneyland Paris?

The wearing of an appropriate face covering remains mandatory for all our guests ages 6 and over. Guests will be required to wear a face covering at all times of the day in all areas of the resort (Disney Parks, Disney Hotels, Disney Village and Golf Disneyland).

Considering this, can I take my mobility scooter to Disneyland Paris? So, the best thing you can do to have accessible visit to Disneyland Paris is use mobility scooter hire facility provided by Mobility Equipment Hire and Rental Companies. All shops, restaurants, adapted buses and toilets are accessible to you if you are using a mobility scooter which would otherwise be difficult.

Consequently, can you bring your own wheelchair to Disneyland?

Guests are invited to bring and use their own ECVs and wheelchairs throughout the Disneyland Resort.

Can you use mobility scooters in Disneyland Paris?

Our mobility solutions for Disneyland Paris

Our scooters have a load capacity of up to 374 lbs (158 kg) All scooters (except the Quest) are equipped with a front basket for easy storage of your gear. Our scooters are provided with a small access ramp for crossing sidewalks.

Do carers go free at Disney World?

Some time ago I phoned Disney to ask about free entrance for carer / assistant / companion, and they confirmed this was correct. They don’t offer this in the American Disney parks. But you do have to buy tickets each day to get the free ones.

Do I need a Covid test to get into Disneyland?

Updates at the Theme Parks

The State of California strongly recommends that all Guests be fully vaccinated or receive a negative COVID-19 test prior to entering the theme parks. Guests will not be required to show proof of vaccination, but vaccinated Guests must self-attest that they are in compliance prior to entry.

Do you need a doctor’s note for Disneyland?

Bring all of the valid theme park tickets or passes for each member of your group with you along with the person inquiring about DAS. Explain your needs to the cast members. You do not need to have a doctor’s note or even talk about your specific disability (and they will not ask).

Does Disney offer a disability discount?

As part of this commitment, Disability Access Service (DAS) is a program offered at Walt Disney World theme parks to assist Guests who have difficulty tolerating extended waits in a conventional queue environment due to a disability.

Does Disneyland Paris have a DAS pass?

You can obtain your Easy Access Pass or Priority Pass at Town Hall in Disneyland Park or Studio Services in the Walt Disney Studios. If you have booked a Disneyland Paris package including hotel then you can also obtain a disability pass from your concierge on arrival.

What is a priority card at Disneyland Paris?

A Priority Card gives priority (but non-immediate) access to attractions, shows, parades, Selfies Spots, restaurant and shop checkouts. With an official document proving disability accepted by Disneyland Paris, you and an accompanying person are also entitled to a 25% discount on your Park Ticket or Annual Pass.

What is the cheapest month to go to Disneyland Paris?

Normally the cheapest time is between Christmas Season and Spring season. Friday / Saturday arrivals are usually the most expensive. A package price can depend on different offers, so remember to check the offers on different Country Disney sites, not just the UK.

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