Does Hilton Diamond status expire?

Hilton Honors bonus points earned from eligible purchases on any Hilton Honors American Express Card will continue to count as base points toward elite tier qualification and Lifetime Diamond status through Dec. 31, 2022.

Considering this, can my wife use my Hilton Honors account?

Can my spouse and I share one Hilton Honors account? No. As of 1 April 2004, multiple members may not share an account.

In respect to this, can you lose your Hilton Honors status? Normally, Hilton Honors points expire after 12 months with no activity (either earning or redeeming points). Hilton had already paused point expirations through the end of December 2021, but that date has now been pushed back an additional year to Dec. 31, 2022.

Likewise, do Diamond members get free breakfast?

When selected as a MyWay Benefit by a Gold or Diamond Member, daily complimentary continental breakfast is provided for the Member and up to one additional guest registered to the same room each day of Member’s stay. Breakfast is only served in the hotel’s designated restaurant or Executive Lounge.

Do Hilton Diamond members get free parking?

Parking is not free to Hilton Diamond members.

Do Hilton Diamond members get free upgrades?

Hilton Honors Diamond members are entitled to room upgrades, though individual hotels have a lot of discretion. As the terms explain, Hilton Honors Diamond members may receive upgrades to preferred rooms, and that may include upgrades to junior, standard, or one-bedroom suites.

Do Hilton Diamond members get late check out?

All Hilton Honors elite members receive complimentary late check-out subject to the hotel’s availability. This typically allows you to request a 1 to 2 p.m. check-out.

How do I get Hilton Diamond status?

The Hilton Honors program’s top tier is Diamond status, typically earned after 30 stays or 60 nights or by earning 120,000 base points in a calendar year (which equates to $12,000 in spending).

How long do I keep my Hilton Honors status?

Hilton status usually expires at the end of the second calendar year after it was earned. For example, if you earned Hilton Gold Elite, Silver Elite or Diamond Elite status in January 2019, it will last through December 2020.

How long have I been a Hilton Diamond member?

10 years

How many stayed at the Hilton before becoming a Diamond member?

60 nights

What is Hilton Diamond 48 hour guarantee?

The Diamond Reservations Guarantee allows Diamond members to place a guaranteed reservation at a sold out hotel when made 48 hours prior to arrival, except during Extraordinary Demand Date periods, when the hotel becomes overbooked on inventory by more than 10%, and for some hotels when the hotel becomes overbooked on …

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