Does Disneyland Paris have character dining?

At Disneyland Paris, there are four locations where character dining is possible: Inventions, Cafe Mickey, Auberge de Cendrillon and Plaza Gardens. There’s also one special character dining experience which is only available to guests of the Disney Hotel Castle Club suites.

Thereof, can you add Disney meal plan after booking Paris?

Meal Plans at Disneyland Paris

Simply opt for a Meal Plan when you book your Hotel+Tickets package or add it to your booking later!

Also question is, do you need to book breakfast at Disneyland Paris? Hi, The Disneyland Hotel is the only Disney hotel where you don’t have to book breakfast time slots, apart from Empire State Club in the New York, and Golden Forest Club in Sequoia Lodge.

Regarding this, how do I book a character meal at Disneyland Paris?

You can make restaurant reservations up to 60 days prior to arrival by calling the Disney Dining Reservation Service on 0800 085 0671 with your Disneyland Paris Reference number.

How do I book princess for a day at Disneyland Paris?

Useful information

  1. The “Princess for a day” package can be booked at the Gallery Mickey (Disneyland Hotel shop) or at the concierge of the Disneyland Hotel.
  2. Reservations must be made on site and cannot usually be booked in advance (from time to time it is possible at the hotline)

How do you book Disney princess breakfast?

Log into your My Disney Experience account or call 407-WDW-DINE to make reservations.

How long do character breakfasts take?

You’ll want to budget about 90 minutes (plus travel time) for your meal. That gives you time to check-in, be seated, and then time to eat and see all the characters without racing through anything. It may take less time than that, but for planning purposes 90 minutes is a good rule of thumb.

How much does a Disney character breakfast cost?

Typically, a character breakfast will cost anywhere from $15 to $36 per person, but prices are subject to change. Payment for each meal is set up a bit differently. Some will include taxes and gratuity in your check and others you will pay up front and you can leave gratuity if you wish after your meal.

How much does Goofy’s Kitchen cost for breakfast?

Breakfast is $49 per adult and $29 per child ages 3 to 9 before tax and gratuity. Tax and 18-percent gratuity are automatically added to the bill. You’ll pay your server at the end of the meal. Adult and specialty drinks cost extra.

How much is breakfast with the princesses at Disneyland Paris?

The price of the Princess Breakfast at Disneyland Paris is set at £43.10 for adults and £34.30 for children. However prices can change depending on whether you have a Meal Plan booked with your stay.

Is character dining at Disneyland worth it?

“Of Course!” Character Dining Is Worth the Splurge!

For some spots, like Cinderella’s Royal Table or even Be Our Guest, the atmosphere — the ability to dine INSIDE of one of the castles — may also carry a lot of weight for those who see the value of these experiences, despite their modifications.

What restaurants are in Disney Village Paris?

Restaurants in Disney Village®

  • Annette’s Diner: Rock Around the Clock. …
  • Billy Bob’s Country Western Saloon: La Grange Restaurant. …
  • Café Mickey: Dine With Your Favourite Characters. …
  • The Steakhouse: a Menu Packed with Big Flavour. …
  • King Ludwig’s Castle: Discover the Inspiration Behind Sleeping Beauty Castle.

What time is breakfast at Disneyland Hotel Paris?

7.30am to 11am

Where is the character breakfast in Disneyland Paris?

Auberge de Cendrillon

Which character dining is best at Disneyland?

The highest rated and most talked about character dining experience at the Disneyland® Resort is the Chip’N’Dale Critter Breakfast at Storyteller Cafe — located inside the Grand Californian Resort Hotel & Spa.

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