Does Disney drug test new hires?

Disney absolutely WILL administer a pre-employment drug test for anyone who is cast in a safety critical role. This includes roles such as attractions, lifeguard, etc. They also will randomly select groups of people from these roles to undergo random drug testing.

In this way, do cruise ship workers get drug tested?

As a Crew member you’ll be subjected to random drug testing while onboard.

Herein, does Disney Cruise drug test? Disney Cruise Line is a drug-free workplace. All new hires are required to undergo drug/alcohol testing within the first week onboard and throughout their contracts. Failure to pass the drug/alcohol testing will result in immediate termination.

Similarly, does Disney do background checks?

Does Disney do background checks? Yes, they do. We say this based mainly on researching online comments from Disney employees. On the Disney Discussion Forum DISboards, staff confirmed that background checks are done during onboarding.

Does the Disney College Program drug test you?

Drug Testing

Disney also has a policy of random drug and alcohol testing on a regular basis.

What is QSFB Disney college program?

Quick Service Food and Beverage (QSFB) is an incredibly diverse role that varies greatly by location. QSFB is also one of the largest roles, employing a massive amount of interns. … My role consisted of working the registers, pouring drinks, grabbing and boxing up the bakery items, stocking and cleaning.

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