Do UCF alumni get Disney discounts?

Alumni who are current UCF employees or students are not eligible. … SGA Ticket Center: Alumni may purchase discount tickets through the SGA Ticket Center for local attractions (including Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens), AMC Theatres and Regal Cinemas.

Also to know is, are Universal Knights free?

Universal Knights is an annual event open to all students. UCF students will be able to enjoy an evening at Universal Studios with free park admission, courtesy of Student Government.

In this regard, do UCF students get universal discounts? The Universal Orlando tickets sold in the SGA Ticket Center are now available to all University Faculty and Staff. These tickets were previously only available to current UCF students. You must present a valid UCF ID at the time of purchase.

Keeping this in view, do UCF students go to Disney?

Starting Spring 2020, a total of 72 UCF programs will be available to Disney’s 90,000 full- and part-time hourly employees who have at least 90 days of service, helping them reach their career goals.

How do students get tickets at UCF?

Open the UCF Gameday app and tap “tickets” in the bottom right corner. Select “Purchase Student Guest Tickets.” Students may purchase 1 guest pass for home football events and up to 2 guest passes for home basketball events, if available. Knightmare Society members will receive first access to guest passes.

How do you get from UCF to Disney?

There are 5 ways to get from UCF Knights to Walt Disney World by night bus, bus, taxi or car

  1. Take the night bus from Orlando – UCF to Orlando RedCoach Station.
  2. Take the line 111 bus from Mccoy Road And Gondola Drive to Sea Harbor Drive And Grand Vacations Way 111.

How do you get tickets for UCF?

If any single-game tickets are available, they can be purchased at Admission to home games is free for UCF students, but mobile tickets must be claimed through the official UCF Gameday app prior to game day. The app is available for free on both Apple and android devices.

How much are UCF tickets?

UCF Knights Football Ticket Prices

Season Location Average Ticket Price
2021 Bounce House Stadium $13
2020 Bounce House Stadium $13
2019 Bounce House Stadium $49
2018 Bounce House Stadium $42

Is the UCF Ticket Center open?

The Center will be open Monday – Friday 11:00 am to 5:00 pm through the semester. The SGA Ticket Center will remain closed after Spring break until students return to campus.

Is UCF Soccer free for students?

Though attendance is currently limited, students have access to free admission to sporting events on campus. Being a part of the action is an important part of the UCF experience — because we’re never as strong alone as we are together. For schedules, tickets, stats and more, visit

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