Do Disney military tickets expire?

Walt Disney World

“Eligible Service Members” or spouses may purchase up to a maximum of 6 2020 theme park tickets per military member during the 2020 Salute Ticket Extension period (19 December 2020-14 February 2021) to be used during the 2021 calendar year.

Hereof, do military Salute tickets expire?

If you have the “Military Salute” tickets, which are also known as Military Promotional Theme Park Tickets, I have great news for you: these tickets may be used on non-consecutive days through their expiration date.

Consequently, do Shades of Green guests get extra magic hours? Shades of Green guests are be eligible for the new Early Entry benefit that replaces Morning Extra Magic Hours, which ended when Disney World closed for covid in 2020. Early Entry is be available 30 minutes prior to regular theme park opening time at every theme park on every day.

Similarly one may ask, do Shades of Green tickets need to be activated?

Note Disney Armed Forces Salute tickets sold at Shades of Green are sold pre-activated and you do not need to follow this activation procedure, they are ready to go at purchase!

Do they check military ID at Disney World?

Because these tickets are purchased on base, they will verify your eligibility at the MWR or other on-site ticketing office. Then, when you activate the tickets at a Walt Disney World Resort Guest Relations window, you will show your valid and active military ID.

Does Shades of Green charge tax?

there is no tax on Shades of Green’s rates.

Does Shades of Green have an RV park?

If you need to park an RV or other oversized vehicle, please let our Bell Desk know when you check-in. You’ll be directed to a special area nearby in the Magnolia Parking Lot.

Does Shades of Green sell annual passes?

Annual Passes

The Stars & Stripes -Length of Stay Ticket is for guests registered at Shades of Green® or at a hotel on the Walt Disney World® Resort property.

How much is the military discount at Disney?

The Disney Armed Forces Salute offers Disney theme park tickets at over half off the regular price and Disney resort rooms at up to a 30% to 40% discount! There are also permanent ticket offers available, though they are not as attractive.

Is Shades of Green a Good Neighbor hotel?

Disney has also announced that Good Neighbor hotels, like the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotels, Shades of Green Resort, and others will have the same access to the Disney Park Pass system just like other Disney-owned Resort guests.

Is Shades of Green just for military?

Yes. You will be asked to provide a valid military I.D. to access the Shades of Green property, as well as show your valid I.D. at the restaurant. What kinds of evening entertainment options are available?

What is the difference between park Hopper and park Hopper Plus?

The difference between Park Hopper and Park Hopper Plus is the admission to water parks, sports complex and golf courses. Park Hopper doesn’t allow access to water parks whereas Park Hopper Plus allows access to water parks and limited access to golf courses, golf courses and DisneyQuest.

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