Do Disney hotels shuttle to Universal?

Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando offer free shuttle services between their resorts and affiliated theme parks, but you may have to transfer from one to the other. Usually, routes run every 20 to 30 minutes, departing from the entrance of every Disney and Universal property.

In this way, can you do Disney and Universal in a week?

In a perfect world, you’d take a full week to explore Disney to the fullest, but that’s impossible for some. What is this? On the Universal side, most people would need two days, one for each full park. I’ll suggest something different in a bit, but two days is the minimum for most.

Likewise, can you stay at a Disney resort and go to Universal Studios? Sure. You can also stay at Disney and go to Universal, or stay off property and visit both theme parks.

Keeping this in view, how far apart is Universal Studios and Disney World?

Disney World is only about 10 miles from Universal Studios.

How many days do you need for Universal Studios?

Three days

How many days do you need in Disney World?

The (Walt Disney) World Tour: 10-14 Days

If you want to see (almost) everything Walt Disney World has to offer (all four theme parks, both water parks, Disney Springs, the resorts and their restaurants, etc.) and have the time and money to do so, we’d recommend double-digit days.

Is it better to stay at Universal or Disney?

Universal Hotels like-for-like are generally cheaper than staying at Disney. Less travelling – save time and money As of 2020, Disney will be charging guests to park their car at their hotels which makes hiring a car even more expensive. … Some hotels are also within walking distance to the parks too.

Is it cheaper to stay at Disney or Universal?

With that said, Universal is less expensive than Walt Disney World in most ways. Park tickets and food prices are not particularly noticeable, but the big one is hotel rates. Not only is Universal significantly cheaper, but its resorts include perks that would cost additional money at Walt Disney World.

Is Universal cheaper than Disney?

As far as cost goes, Universal tickets can be just as expensive as Disney, but Niles says the hotel savings is where Universal sets itself apart. “You can get Universal Orlando’s cheapest on-site hotel for probably 30 to 50% less than Disney’s cheapest on-site hotel, and it’s a better quality hotel as well,” he says.

What is the best month to go to Universal Studios?

April and May are some of the best months to visit Universal Studios. This is the ‘shoulder season’ when you’ll get the best of peak season and low season perks. You can expect warm comfortable weather and less crowds at the park as long as you avoid any seasonal breaks and school holidays.

What is the best way to get to universal from Disney?

The Verdict – Take an Uber!

We think the best option for traveling between Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort is: Ridesharing! Not only are Uber and Lyft are the cheapest options, but they also provide you with convenience and comfort (usually). It’s a no-brainer! Enjoy your trip!

What is the closest Disney Resort to Universal Studios?

Walt Disney World Resort

  • Magic Kingdom – 8.3 miles.
  • Epcot – 7.6 miles.
  • Hollywood Studios – 6.3 miles.
  • Animal Kingdom – 3.9 miles.
  • Typhoon Lagoon – 8.3 miles.
  • Blizzard Beach – 5 miles.

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