Can you walk into Lamplight Lounge?

This upstairs location is walk-up only; the downstairs Lamplight Lounge accepts reservations and serves entrees.

Correspondingly, can you watch World of Color from Lamplight Lounge?

The Lamplight Lounge is a bar and restaurant on the water that closes about 45 minutes before the park closes. It is not an official World of Color viewing area. If you time your meal right and are still sitting there when World of Color begins, you may be able to watch from the outside patio.

Just so, how do you get into Lamplight Lounge without reservation? While it is recommended to have an advance dining reservation, you do not NEED one in order to enjoy a meal at the Lamplight Lounge. You are welcome to put your name on the waitlist when you arrive to Lamplight Lounge.

Secondly, how do you get into the secret room in Lamplight Lounge?

How much are lobster nachos at Disneyland?


Is lamplight lounge reservation only?

And, you don’t even need a reservation to dine! Lamplight Lounge — Boardwalk Dining will only be available on a walk-up basis, though downstairs dining will remain with reservations.

Is World of Color worth?

While the answer to this question is highly subjective based on the size of your group but I felt that the answer to this was yes! We absolutely loved this experience. Our entire party had a great time and we all agreed that the World of Color Dessert Party was worth the price we paid.

What happened to Ariel’s Grotto?

In April 2010, the Ariel’s Grotto attraction at Magic Kingdom was closed. It reopened as part of the New Fantasyland expansion along with the ride Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid. The similar meet-and-greet sits beside the attraction Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid.

What time does lunch start at Lamplight Lounge?

2:30PM- 3:55PM

What time is brunch at Lamplight Lounge?

Sunday 9 am- 1 pm

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