Can you get a popcorn bucket at Disney Springs?

Multiple Locations. There are a couple popcorn buckets you can find in more than just one place. You can find the 50th anniversary standard popcorn bucket (that we mentioned seeing in EPCOT) around the Disney World parks and at Disney Springs. It’s available in multiple spots!

Similarly, are Disney popcorn buckets worth it?

Is the Refillable Popcorn Bucket a good value for your family? Well, one regular box of popcorn typically costs $5.50 (or a Disney Dining Plan snack credit). So, if your traveling group tends to enjoy more than a couple of boxes a trip, then the Refillable Popcorn Bucket is probably a good option for you.

Furthermore, can you order Disney popcorn buckets? To order the popcorn bucket, guests can navigate to the Mobile Order page in My Disney Experience. There is a sign up outside the Pop Eats! booth now with a QR code leading to the Mobile Order page. Guests can then select the EPCOT Souvenir Release option and choose a pickup time.

Just so, can you still get Figment popcorn buckets?

The wildly popular Figment popcorn buckets are back at EPCOT today, February 14, 2022, but through Mobile Order in the MyDisneyExperience app. The offering is listed as an “EPCOT Souvenir Release” and shows the Figment popcorn bucket. Guests can choose a time window to pick up their buckets, while supplies last.

How do popcorn buckets work at Disney World?

These unique popcorn buckets can be purchased and refilled as many times as you would like for the duration of your trip. It doesn’t matter what year you plan to visit Walt Disney World, there will always be a Disney refillable popcorn bucket in the shape of a character you’ll love!

How do you mobile order the Figment bucket?

Figment Popcorn Bucket Now Available on Mobile Order!

  1. Open the Walt Disney World app.
  2. Search for EPCOT Souvenir Release.
  3. Order Food.
  4. Select a pick-up time and checkout.
  5. When your mobile order is ready, you can pick it up at the World Showcase window, between Canada and the United Kingdom Pavilions.

How long are Disney popcorn buckets good for?

This is because the buckets can be refilled for just $2 per refill for the duration of your trip (and for several months if you’re an Annual Passholder). If you’re visiting for 7 days and refill the bucket once a day, you’ll be getting an excellent deal (at least for Disney World).

How much were the Figment popcorn buckets?

The Figment popcorn bucket costs a whopping $25, but it does get you refills on popcorn for just $2.25 (rather than the $5.50 you would otherwise pay for popcorn). Plus, these babies are still commanding quite the ROI when sold online on sites like eBay.

Whats the deal with Disney popcorn buckets?

You can keep refilling that popcorn bucket every single time you take it to Disneyland with you. Whether it’s months or years later, it will always be refillable. When you buy a popcorn bucket for the first time, it will be more expensive than just buying a cardboard box of popcorn for $5.25.

Where do you get the Figment popcorn bucket?

Figment popcorn buckets are available at Epcot once again! Though now they’re available through Mobile Order on the My Disney Experience app. Outside of the Pop Eats! booth is a sign with a QR code that takes you to the Mobile Order page.

Will Disney refill old popcorn buckets?

Popcorn Bucket Pricing

Popcorn buckets are refillable at a discounted price for your length of stay. No matter the park or cart you originally bought your popcorn buckets at it can be refilled at any location that sells popcorn.

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