Can I bring a double stroller to Disney World?

The parks have had stroller size restrictions, but they were rarely enforced. Under the new rules that go in effect on May 1, strollers must be smaller than 31 inches wide or 52 inches long. Most single strollers should be fine. We recommend measuring any double strollers before you travel.

In this regard, are double strollers banned from Disney?

Only strollers that are 31” inches wide and 52” inches long or smaller will be allowed inside Disneyland and Disney World. Some double-wide strollers don’t fit the new dimensions — the previously allowed width was 36” — so be sure to check your items prior to visiting.

Likewise, are sit and stand strollers allowed at Disney World? Your sit stand stroller is absolutely allowed on Walt Disney World Resort property provided it meets the specifications outlined in the Walt Disney World Resort Property Rules. … (Note – effective May 1, 2019, strollers that are greater than 31″ (79 cm) in width and 52″ (132 cm) in length will be prohibited.

In respect to this, can you bring a vape into Disney World 2021?

Can I smoke or vape inside Disney parks? No. As of May 1, 2019, all designated smoking areas have been removed from the parks. Guests will need to leave the park if they want to smoke.

Can you take a stroller on the Skyliner at Disney?

Yes and no. You must close side by side double strollers before stepping onto the gondola. However, strollers with one seat in front of the other, also known as tandem strollers, can be pushed directly onto the gondola. It is easy to move the stroller on the Skyliner.

Can you take the Thule double stroller to Disney?


Good news though… this Thule Urban Glide fits within the size requirements!

Do strollers get stolen at Disney World?

The bottom line is stroller thefts at Disney are rare, but they do happen. You are more likely to have a cast member move your stroller to another spot in the stroller lot than to have it stolen. With that said, be smart about your property and don’t make it easy for criminals to take your stuff.

Do strollers get stolen at Disneyland?

According to Cast Members, stroller theft is not a super common thing at Disney parks, but it does happen. So take a little bit of time to prepare yourself (and your stroller), so your magical vacation can be magical from start to finish!

Does a 7 year old need a stroller at Disney?

Many people waste lots of time and money on strollers at Disney World for their kids who are 6, 7, 8, 9, or even 10 years old because they think they need them. The truth is that any healthy kid over the age of 4 does not need a stroller at Disney World.

Should I bring a stroller to Disney for my 6 year old?

I recommend a stroller as long as you can when visiting Walt Disney World Resort, even for children who would never consider using a stroller at home. Even though most 6-year olds are beyond capable of walking on their own, a day in the parks is unlike anything else and it can be exhausting.

What are the stroller restrictions at Disney World?

Strollers must be 31” (79cm) wide and 52” (132cm) long or smaller. As a reminder, wagons are not permitted in our parks. Stroller wagons will also no longer be permitted. Loose and dry ice is not permitted in our parks.

What do I do with my stroller at Disney?

You cannot remove strollers from the theme parks, so if you’re park hopping, you will need to need to rent (and return) at each park. Hang onto your receipt, because you only need to pay once a day! While I recommend bringing your own stroller, the rentals are still a great option.

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