How do you Win a Night in The Cinderella Castle Suite?

May 20, 2013 in Uncategorized by Amy Barseghian

I remember being at the 2012 Disney Social Media Moms Conference and watching the person who won the Grand Prize.


The most sought after prize of the conference.

A night in The Cinderella Castle Suite.

I cried happy tears for her – what an amazing gift to receive.  I wanted to bow at her feet, as I think many in the room did.

Rene Syler and her mama

Photo Credit: Josh Hallett

Fast forward a year to this year’s conference.  I was taking some notes and watching Rene Syler do what she does best as an MC – entertain. (She is awesome, isn’t she?)   As Rene was highlighting the last giveaway…the exclusive night in Cinderella’s Castle…I watched with excitement for the person that would win.  I remember thinking that if I won, I would really focus on being calm (cause I can get a little excited) and NOT tripping.

And then I saw this.


Yes, that’s my Twitter handle.

You remember that whole “stay calm and don’t spazz” convo in my head?  It didn’t really stick.

I screamed. I spazzed. I jumped.  I did everything that I felt in my heart that was overflowing with pure JOY!

Honestly, when I saw it I was in disbelief…(because who can really spell “Barseghian” correctly?). And then I heard a squeal from Sara.  (I love that squeal.) 


A day before we left for Disney Social Media Moms, our six-year-old Ava asked me if we could sleep in the castle. I simply told her it was for a few special people in life and that we really couldn’t buy it.


Yes, I was excited for me, but my joy was for our family.  At the perfect ages of six and nine, our children would get to sleep inside the castle at Walt Disney World…for us, the timing could not have been any better.


And we would later find out that our wish and special night would be granted on Cal’s 9th birthday. :)  This was waiting for him in the castle when we arrived.


We explored everything in The Cinderella Castle Suite…


enjoyed some yummy handmade chocolate treats…


and then met our Cast Members that took us around the park.  They took us into the FastPass lines for all of the rides…


took us to special reserved seating for fireworks…


and the parade…


and then walked us back to The Castle for a night of sleep. Looking out the windows of the castle as we drifted off to sleep will be a memory I will never forget.


We enjoyed breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table in the morning; to end such a special experience like this was magical for our family.

So, just how do you win a night in The Cinderella Castle Suite?  

You spazz, you jump for joy, you share it with your friends, and you savor each and every moment of the experience.

I am wondering though…if you won a night in The Cinderella Castle Suite, would you go with the Cast Members out in the parks or stay in the suite the entire time? 

In case you missed it, you can see my full photo tour of The Cinderella Castle Suite here.

Disclosure: I attended the Disney Social Media Moms Conference and received reduced rates. I was not asked to write this article; all thought and opinions are my own. All photos are the property of Disney Mentor Moms and may not be used without permission.

Written by Amy Barseghian

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