Disney Fan Feature Friday – Kate of Song’s Kate Sang

Disney Fan Feature Friday

Welcome back to Disney Fan Feature Friday!  This feature is meant to share everyone’s love of Disney through their own eyes. Last week, we had Jill. And, this week on Disney Fan Feature Friday, we have an Arizona friend and blogger who is just as sweet as can be! Welcome, Kate!

Name:  Kate Eschbach

Website: http://songskatesang.typepad.com/

What do you love about Disney? I just love that they continue to provide family friendly entertainment!  I do not worry about my kids when they are watching a Disney movie.  When I took my kids to Disneyland for the first time, I could not stop smiling walking down Main Street.  It is truly, absolutely magical!  I will never forget seeing the wonder and awe in their faces that day.

Disneyland Hat

Which Disney park is your favorite and why?  I enjoy Disneyland mostly due to proximity. Now that we live in Arizona, I love that Disneyland is just a car trip away.  We try to go at least once per year!

Which Disney ride would we see your family ride over and over (without lines of course)?  Oh, I am an old fashioned fantasy land girl!  I could ride It’s a Small World or Peter Pan over and over!

Disneyland Sword in the Stone

Which Disney movie do your kids enjoy the most…and which one do YOU love the most!  My kids watched Hercules until we had every line memorized!  I love The Parent Trap.  Growing up, I was in the Hayley Mills fan club :)  

If you could be any Disney character, who would you be and why?  Definitely Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  I loved that she was brave enough to love something, even in hard times.  

What is your favorite Disney memory?  One day, I offered to park the car so that the kids and my husband could ride The Matterhorn before the lines got too long.  As I walked in, I took my time on Main Street.  I wandered into every store, sat and drank a cup of coffee and just watched families and children laugh and skip and smile.  It was absolutely dreamy to be surrounded by so much joy!  

Main Street USA

Choose any two words to describe what Disney means to you:  laughter and smiles

What do YOU think of Kate’s answers?!

Are you ready to join our Fan Feature Friday Fun?  If you would like to be featured, leave a comment and we will be in touch!

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10+ DIY Disney Autograph Book Ideas

We’re so excited for our upcoming Disney Social Media Moms trip! Just 22 more days!! That means I have lots of list-making, creating, and packing to do! One of the things we’ll definitely be bringing with us are some DIY Disney autograph books! I made some simple autograph books for the boys to take on our Cars Land trip last summer and they were a HUGE hit! I wasn’t sure that they would be “into” it (especially Little Brother who was just over 2 at the time). But, they both loved it. Big Brother (just over 5) wanted to get the autograph of every character we saw! Disney AutographsSo, we will definitely be bringing autograph books again. The question now is just whether or not to bring the ones from before or get totally new books. There are so many fun DIY autograph book ideas out there, so I rounded up a few of my favorites! Here are 10+ DIY Disney autograph book ideas: DIY Disney Autograph Books

  1. Spiral bound Mickey head cover
  2. Mickey head-shaped books
  3. Spiral bound princess album
  4. Character cover, ring bound books
  5. Notepad books with vinyl
  6. Washi tape covered autograph book
  7. Disney World book
  8. Spiral bound, cover with child’s name
  9. Kid created books with stickers
  10. Scrapbook style book & pages
  11. Books made with clearance photo albums

What is YOUR favorite book style to get character autographs in?

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Wordless Wednesday: Disney Letter “J”

Where Disney is involved, “J” is for…


Disney Jedi


 Jessie in Pixar Parade


Princess Jasmine

And, last but certainly not least…Jake and the Never Land Pirates! We just did a big Jake themed party over the weekend to celebrate these boys! Jake & the Never Land Pirates Birthday Boys

What are YOUR favorite Disney “J’s”?

Focused on the Magic

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