Who owns Ballast Point Brewery?

Kings & Convicts Brewing Co.

Thereof, are dogs allowed at Ballast Point Long Beach?

No, unfortunately. over a year ago. Per the general manager: “Our facility can only accept service animals for our patios.”

Moreover, does Ballast Point have non alcoholic beer? Listen in to hear how these delicious brews continue to spread positivity and make strides within the non-alcoholic genre. Enjoy this awesome story while you drink your Trailblazer Hoppy Lager.

Secondly, does Ballast Point sell kegs?

Come for a tour, a taste, to fill a growler, or get a keg.

How did kings and convicts buy Ballast Point?

It Just Sold for a ‘Surprisingly Low’ Amount. Chicago’s Kings & Convicts purchased the brewery from Constellation Brands which paid $1 billion for it four years ago.

How much is a keg of Ballast Point?

Please call 760-433-4827 to order.

Keg Name Full Keg (1/2 BBL) 5 Gal (1/6BBL)
Ballast Point Grunion Pale Ale $215.00
Ballast Point Aloha Sculpin $240.00 $125.00
Ballast Point Big Gus IPA $240.00
Ballast Point Cali Kolsch (Yellow Tail Pale Ale) $205.00 $110.00

What brewing means?

1 : to prepare (beer, ale, etc.) by steeping, boiling, and fermentation or by infusion and fermentation. 2a : to bring about : foment brew trouble. b : contrive. 3 : to prepare (a drink or other liquid) by infusion in hot water brew tea.

What is the Ballast Point logo?

SEXTANT. Often, we are asked to explain the symbol in our logo. The sextant is a navigational device used to measure a star’s angle relative to the horizon, historically used as a nautical tool to help determine a boat’s position.

What was Ballast Point Long Beach before?

Moving into the former home of Khoury’s Restaurant at 110 Marina Drive in Long Beach, the 11,427-square-foot space promises plenty of room and some great ocean views to go with the nautical-themed brews.

When did Ballast Point Miramar open?


Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Location San Diego, California, United States
Coordinates 32°53′15.12″N 117°9′28.91″WCoordinates: 32°53′15.12″N 117°9′28.91″W
Opened 1996
Active beers

Where did Ballast Point go?

Ballast Point is being sold to Illinois’ tiny Kings & Convicts Brewing, which will move its headquarters to Ballast Point’s hometown of San Diego.

Who brews St Archer?

In 2014, Saint Archer Brewing won a Great American Beer Festival gold medal and four San Diego International Beer Festival medals: two gold, a silver, and a bronze.

Location San Diego, California, USA
Owned by Molson Coors

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