Where does Mira, Royal Detective live?


Beside above, does Mira have a mom?

Missing Mom: Mira’s mom is never physically seen outside of pictures in her room, and mentions of her from her father imply she’s passed away.

Then, how old is Mira from Mira, Royal Detective?


Regarding this, is Mira a Disney princess?

Character information

Mira is the titular protagonist of the Disney Junior animated series, Mira, Royal Detective. She is a brave and resourceful commoner who becomes the royal detective after solving a mystery that saved the kingdom’s young prince.

Is Mira The royal detective Indian?

Debuting March 20, 2020 in the U.S. and India, the series is set in the magical Indian-inspired land of Jalpur and follows the brave and resourceful Mira, a young girl who is appointed to the role of royal detective by the Queen.

Is there a Disney character from India?

Disney had previously announced an Indian character ‘Mira, Royal Detective‘, a commoner who solves mysteries in the fictional town of Jalpur. The show is slated for release in 2020, as per reports.

What animal is Mira?

Mikku and Chikku are the two little mongoose pets of Mira.

Where is Leela ladnier from?

New York City

Who is Kamala Mira, Royal Detective?


Who is Mira, Royal Detective mom?

Queen Shanti is the mother of Prince Veer and Prince Neel and a secondary character in Mira, Royal Detective. She is voiced by Freida Pinto.

Who is Priya in Mira, Royal Detective?

Priya is a main character in Mira, Royal Detective. She is Mira’s creative cousin and a friend of Prince Neel. She is also Mina’s little sister and daughter of Pushpa and Naveen.

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