What size are Loungefly mini backpacks?

This mini backpack features an all over print of the Disney villains Ursula, Maleficent, Cruella De Vil, Queen of Hearts, and The Evil Queen. Measurements: L: 9″ X H: 10.5″ X W: 4.5″.

Consequently, are Loungefly backpacks comfortable?

The backpack stands upright on a chair or table and things don’t fall out when I dig for something. The straps are most comfortable and the bag has a nice quality zipper. My phone fits in the front zip pocket or on the side open pocket. There are no pockets on the inside.

In this manner, are Loungefly bags good quality? The quality is good. I haven’t bought one so I’m not sure how well they’d hold up. They hold what I’d take to the parks but then again, I can fit what I take to the parks in my pockets so maybe I’m not a good judge. They are pretty small, like the size of a lunch bag, if you can picture that.

Moreover, are Loungefly bags made in China?

Country Of Origin: Made in China.

Does Loungefly only make mini backpacks?

*Please note that this only includes mini backpacks, no crossbodies, purses, wallets, or any other Loungefly items.

How can you tell a fake Loungefly?

Is Loungefly on Amazon legit?

Yes, the bags sold by Coast City Styles are authentic Loungefly bags. We can’t say what you may get from another seller.

What are the small Disney backpacks called?


What is the most expensive Loungefly backpack?

50th Anniversary Luxe Logo Loungefly Backpack – $298

The Mickey ears are edged with gold plated metal. On the front pocket are a die-cut Cinderella Castle appliqué and a metal “50” rivet filled with genuine gold flakes. The 50 is gold plated, along with the zipper teeth and the Disney Parks x Loungefly plaque.

What is the size of a mini backpack?

Generally, small backpacks or mini backpacks have a capacity of 5L to 15L. That’s approximately 10.75”L x 13.5”H x 5”D. Mini backpacks are one of our favorites because they’re fun, functional, and have enough space to store just what you need.

Where is Loungefly made?

Company Description: Loungefly, LLC is located in Walnut, CA, United States and is part of the Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industry.

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