What kind of stroller can you rent at Disney?

Disney World Stroller Rental Costs by Provider

Stroller Provider Single Stroller Cost (1 day / 3 days / 7 days)
Apple Stroller $30 / $40 / $80
A Baby’s Best Friend $30 / $45 / $45
Baby Wheels Orlando $30 / $40 / $55
Simple Stroller Rental $25 / $35 / $55

Hereof, can I bring a stroller to Disneyland?

Rented strollers may be used throughout Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park and the Downtown Disney District. Rented strollers may not be taken into the Hotels of the Disneyland Resort or onto parking lot trams or buses. Strollers larger than 31″ (79 cm) x 52″ (132 cm) and wagons are not permitted.

In respect to this, can I take a double stroller to Disneyland? Under the new rules that go in effect on May 1, strollers must be smaller than 31 inches wide or 52 inches long. Most single strollers should be fine. We recommend measuring any double strollers before you travel. As a result, Disneyland in California will be adding double stroller rentals in the parks.

Keeping this in consideration, can you bring a stroller on a plane?

Strollers can be checked free of charge at the curb, the ticket counter or the gate. Children’s strollers and seat restraints are not counted as part of the standard baggage and therefore can easily be checked for free.

Do I need a stroller for Disney World?

Renting a Stroller at Disney World or Disneyland

When traveling with infants, babies or toddlers, a stroller at Disney is a necessity. Disney parks are large and require a lot of walking. Even the walk from the park to the hotel or parking garage can be just too much for tired kids (and adults!)

Do strollers get stolen at Disneyland?

The bottom line is stroller thefts at Disney are rare, but they do happen. You are more likely to have a cast member move your stroller to another spot in the stroller lot than to have it stolen. With that said, be smart about your property and don’t make it easy for criminals to take your stuff.

Does a 7 year old need a stroller at Disney?

Many people waste lots of time and money on strollers at Disney World for their kids who are 6, 7, 8, 9, or even 10 years old because they think they need them. The truth is that any healthy kid over the age of 4 does not need a stroller at Disney World.

Does Disney run out of strollers?

While Disney does have LOTS of strollers, on very rare occasion, they have temporarily run out of rentals. If you’d like to have guaranteed stroller access, then either bring your own or rent from an outside vendor.

Does my 5 year old need a stroller at Disney World?

To answer your question, yes, you should have a stroller for your 3 and 5-year olds. Adventure-filled days in the theme parks require a LOT of walking, and little legs tire easily.

How much is stroller rental at Disney?

The prices for stroller rentals are: $18.00 per day for one stroller. $36.00 per day for double stroller.

How strict is Disney stroller policy?

Strollers must be 31” (79cm) wide and 52” (132cm) long or smaller. As a reminder, wagons are not permitted in our parks. Stroller wagons will also no longer be permitted. Loose and dry ice is not permitted in our parks.

What do the stroller rentals look like at Disneyland?

The new red Disneyland rental single strollers look a bit like plastic jogging strollers and have Mickey and Minnie on the sides. Single strollers cost $18 per day and double strollers cost $36. The rental double strollers are now the same hard plastic-type as the single rental strollers.

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