What is Rosetta in Tinker Bell?

Rosetta is a charming and well-mannered garden fairy residing in Pixie Hollow. She shares a sassy streak with Tinker Bell, and in the films speaks with a Southern accent. She always tries to look her best, and loves giving beauty tips and makeovers to her friends and flowers.

In this way, how did Rani lose her wings?

This also influenced her passion for water and her desire to work with it ; she loves rainy days, splashing in puddles, and swimming, even in her dreams. After Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg, Rani had to cut off her wings.

Keeping this in view, how did Tinker Bell and Vidia become friends? Vidia once became a Tinker fairy when Zarina knocked her and the others with multi-colored Pixie Dust. She later began to have thoughts like an innate tinker and built a boat to sail the Never seas. But at the end, she and her friends were all restored to their original talents by Zarina herself.

Then, is Tinker Bell a fairy or pixie?

Barrie’s 1904 play Peter Pan and its 1911 novelisation Peter and Wendy. She has appeared in a variety of film and television adaptations of the Peter Pan stories, in particular the 1953 animated Walt Disney picture Peter Pan.

Tinker Bell
Species Fairy
Gender Female
Occupation Tinker fairy

What is the Black fairy’s name on Tinker Bell?

Iridessa is a fictional character from the Tinker Bell series. She is a light fairy with an African-American appearance.

What kind of fairy is Rosetta in Tinker Bell?

garden-talent fairy

Who is Rosetta in Disney?

Character information

Rosetta is the talented garden fairy from the popular Disney Fairies franchise. Fairies will never tell their age, of course, but Rosetta introduced in Pixie Hollow before most of her friends. So she’s a bit wiser than the others. Older too, but she certainly does not look it.

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Who is the oldest fairy in Tinker Bell?

Well, technically, it’s Clarion. According to what she told Tinker Bell, her love story with Milori happened few years after the creation of Pixie Hollow, so Clarion came to the world in that period, or when Pixie Hollow was created, making her older than Mary, but if older than ALL fairies, I dunno.

Who is the red fairy in Tinker Bell?


Who is Tinker Bell’s boyfriend?


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