What is hotel confirmation number?

Hotel Confirmation Number is a code issued by the property once a booking is confirmed. It’s the only code that really matters. If you have the HCN, the hotel will honor the booking. … Your client arrives at a hotel only to find it has closed due to ever changing local restrictions.

Furthermore, how can I check my hotel confirmation?


Just like with an airline confirmation, you can find your reservation via confirmation number on your hotel’s website more than likely. If anything, you can always call to have your reservation confirmed with the confirmation number.

Additionally, how do you write a confirmation email? How to Write a Booking Confirmation Email

  1. Write a relevant subject line and a preheader.
  2. Personalize.
  3. Give thanks.
  4. Include all the booking details in the email.
  5. Allow users to manage their booking.
  6. Add links to your social media profiles.
  7. Incorporate a clear CTA.
  8. Explain the booking cancellation policy.

Beside this, is hotel confirmation number same as reservation number?

The Booking or reservation number is the confirmation number. … You will see this in several dashboard views including: HomePage Summary.

What is the 800 number for hotels com?


Where is booking confirmation number?

You’ll find it in your booking confirmation email.

Why do I need a confirmation number?

It’s used to confirm that your booking went through. You will most likely need it if you are checking in online. You are unlikely to need it if you check in in person, and your ID should be enough to pull up the reservation and get you checked in.

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