What can I do at Animal Kingdom while pregnant?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Rides & Attractions Suitable During Pregnancy:

  • Animal viewing trails.
  • Festival of the Lion King.
  • UP! A Great Bird Adventure (show)
  • Finding Nemo the Musical.
  • It’s Tough to be a Bug 3D.
  • Na’vi River Journey in Pandora – World of Avatar.
  • Live entertainment.
  • Rivers of Light Nighttime show.

Herein, can I go on rides at Disney World while pregnant?

As long as you are in good health, there is no reason to avoid heading to Disney World while pregnant. You may not be able to climb on to every ride in the place, but there are still plenty of activities to keep you busy and entertained.

Then, can I kiss my cat while pregnant? Absolutely! Petting your cat will not result in becoming infected. As a matter of fact, while Toxoplasmosis is a danger to an unborn baby, the chances of actually being infected are very low.

Likewise, can you go near animals when pregnant?

Risks in pregnancy

In order to protect their own health and that of their unborn child, women who are, or who may be, pregnant should be advised to avoid close contact with livestock animals. This is because infectious organisms may be present in birth fluids of animals, particularly sheep, cattle and goats.

Can you go on Animal Kingdom safari while pregnant?

Most of these are the obvious thrill rides, but some “tamer” rides also have warning notices. For example, the Kilimanjaro Safari at the Animal Kingdom has advisories against pregnant women riding because of the bumpy road surfaces and jarring movements of the jeep.

Can you go on Avatar pregnant?

Do not ride if you are expecting

A lot of rides are “strongly encouraged” to not ride if you are pregnant but this one is a must not do. You are tightly strapped into your seat and your tummy could be a little squished especially if you are pregnant. Do not ride this if you are expecting!

Can you touch alpacas when pregnant?

Alternatively, our Alpaca Meet & Greet sessions are perfectly safe for pregnant women to enjoy. Can I bring my dog along? Unfortunately, as much as we love our canine friends, alpacas do not share the same adoration, and can be quite fearful of dogs.

What animals should you stay away from when pregnant?

Infections transmitted by animals

  • Cats. Cat faeces may contain toxoplasma – an organism that causes toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis can harm your baby. …
  • Sheep. Lambs and sheep can carry an organism that is known to cause miscarriage in ewes. …
  • Pigs. Research is ongoing to see if pigs can be a source of hepatitis E infection.

What rides can you ride pregnant at Universal?

Pregnancy Friendly Universal Rides

  • Animal Actors On Location! ™
  • Curious George Goes to Town℠
  • Fievel’s Playland™
  • Kang & Kodos’ Twirl ‘n’ Hurl.
  • The Blues Brothers® Show.
  • Hogwarts™ Express – King’s Cross Station.
  • Universal Orlando’s Horror Make-Up Show™

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