Is there a virtual queue for Indiana Jones?

Indiana Jones Adventure Removes Virtual Queue and Returns to Standby Queue Only. The Disneyland Resort has sent out an update for Indiana Jones Adventure stating that the virtual queue will be removed as the parks return to a closer to normal operation with the health and safety adjustments made on June 15.

Consequently, do you need a boarding pass for Indiana Jones?

Indiana Jones virtual queue

You’ll have to check the Disneyland app to access the virtual queue or to find out if they are using the standby queue. And you’ll need to be inside Disneyland Park to try to get a boarding pass.

Moreover, do you need reservations for Indiana Jones? The indiana Jones queue does require guests to enter Disneyland Park before joining the queue. Second, while Rise of the Resistance is always running its virtual queue, Indiana Jones is not. Currently the queue is only running on busier days at the park (based on reservations).

Subsequently, how do I get to the virtual queue at Disneyland?

How to join a virtual queue:

  1. Set an alarm for five minutes before the reservation window opens so you can prepare.
  2. Make sure you have a strong phone signal (and are not on the Disneyland Wi-Fi).
  3. Open the Disneyland app.
  4. Locate the Disneyland Virtual Queue box on the home screen and tap the Join Virtual Queue button.

How do you join the Indiana Jones queue?

You must be inside Disneyland Park to access and join (pending availability) the virtual queue. You may only join the virtual queue once daily, and you may be in boarding groups for both Indiana Jones Adventure and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

How does the Indiana Jones virtual queue work?

Is Disneyland doing virtual queues?

Now, months after Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure opened, Disney is making the decision to do away with the virtual queue process and, instead, implement a traditional standby. … Now, guests may experience this incredible attraction using a standby queue instead of a virtual queue beginning Jan. 10, 2022.

Is Indiana Jones at Disney World?

— After a nearly two-year hiatus, the long-running Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular is back on the schedule at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. …

Is Indiana Jones Open Disneyland?

The attraction premiered as Temple of the Forbidden Eye at Disneyland in Anaheim, California on March 3, 1995, and opened to the general public on March 4, 1995.

Indiana Jones Adventure attractions
Coordinates 33.8098°N 117.9213°W
Status Operating
Soft opening date March 3, 1995
Opening date March 4, 1995

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