Is there a Phineas and Ferb game?

Phineas and Ferb (also known as Phineas and Ferb: The Video Game) is an action platform video game published by Disney Interactive Studios about the animated television series of the same name for the Nintendo DS, and developed by Altron. … Mini games are scattered throughout the game, building up the side foundation.

Likewise, how many levels are in Phineas and Ferb?

Players will have the option to work together in two-player cooperative modes while navigating through an old time 1928-style cartoon world, a lawn gnome land, a balloon world, and a gelatin world. In a mission to save the world, players will journey through 25 levels while overcoming obstacles.

Also know, how many Phineas and Ferb games are there? Console / PC / Mobile Games

Game Title Platforms
Phineas and Ferb Ride Again Nintendo DS
Disney Channel All Star Party Wii
Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension PlayStation 3, Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable
Disney Universe Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows

Similarly, is Phineas and Ferb on Netflix anywhere?

Can I watch Phineas and Ferb on Netflix? No, you can only stream Phineas and Ferb on Disney+.

What app can i watch Phineas and Ferb?

Those looking for Phineas And Ferb on Netflix, Hulu or Prime are out of luck, unfortunately. Instead, all four seasons of Phineas And Ferb can be found on Disney+ or the DisneyNOW app, which makes sense given its origins. The entire series can also be found on DirecTV or can be purchased from Amazon or Google Play.

What episode does Candace get trapped in a video game?

“Phineas and Ferb” Perry Lays an Egg/Gaming the System (TV Episode 2009) – IMDb.

What order do I watch Phineas and Ferb?

All Seasons

  1. S01E01 Rollercoaster. August 17, 2007. …
  2. S01E02 Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror! September 28, 2007. …
  3. S01E03 Flop Starz. February 1, 2008. …
  4. S01E04 The Fast and The Phineas. February 2, 2008. …
  5. S01E05 Lights, Candace, Action! February 3, 2008. …
  6. S01E06 Raging Bully. …
  7. S01E07 Candace Loses Her Head. …
  8. S01E08 I, Brobot.

Where can I find Phineas and Ferb?

Phineas and Ferb airs on Disney Channel and Disney XD (which replaced Toon Disney in February 2009), which are both widely available on cable and satellite in the United States. Disney Channel and Disney XD in other nations also carry the program.

Where can I watch Phineas and Ferb in India?

Phineas and Ferb – Disney+ Hotstar.

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