Is Jake Long full Chinese?

Main. Jacob Luke “Jake” Long (Dante Basco): a Chinese-American 13-year-old (14 years old in the second season) who is half-human, half-dragon. He is the titular American Dragon.

Similarly, do Jakes friends know he’s a dragon?

Bittersweet Ending: Trixie and Spud know Jake is a dragon and are okay with it, and in turn, Jake forgoes wiping their memories. But, it’s strongly implied that Rotwood now has suspicions that Jake and the dragon are one and the same.

Moreover, does Jake’s dad find out he’s a dragon? Jake went back to 1986 and revealed his family’s secret to his dad. … Eventually, he discovered the existence of magical creatures and learned the secret about his family when he accidentally walked in on Haley in dragon form, forcing everyone to explain the truth to him, which he accepted without reservations.

Consequently, how did Jake Long become a dragon?

Although Jake says he developed his dragon powers at 13, he displayed a little bit of power at the age of 7, when he accidentally breathed fire during a race.

How old is Rose American Dragon?


Gender: Female
Age Group: 15
Date of Birth: October 1991, Connecticut
Hair and Eye Color: Blonde Blue

How old is Trixie American?

Trixie Carter is one of Jake Long’s best friends, and one of four non-magical humans to know he is the American Dragon.

Trixie Carter
Age Group: 13(season one) 14(season two)
Date of Birth: 1991/1992
Hair and Eye Color: Black (she has dark brown eyes in season 2)
Occupation: Student

Is Jake Long Howie Longs son?

Chris Long and Jake Long, of course, are not actually related. … Chris and Kyle are the sons of Hall of Famer Howie Long and they have a brother, Howie Jr., working in the Oakland Raiders’ organization.

Is Jake Long Japanese?

Dante Basco is the voice of Jake Long in American Dragon: Jake Long, and Kōki Uchiyama is the Japanese voice.

Was Jake Long Good?

Despite him not being able to work in too big of an area, or being able to change directions quickly, Long is one of the best offensive linemen in the NFL. He can out-muscle almost any rusher in the league, and his leadership and coachability make him invaluable to any team. He is a leader on the Dolphins team.

What city is Jake Long in?

New York City

What happened to Jake Long?

1 overall pick Jake Long retired from professional football after nine NFL seasons. Long, 31, played for the Miami Dolphins, St. Louis Rams, Atlanta Falcons and spent last season with the Minnesota Vikings. He suffered a season-ending injury to his left Achilles tendon in a November loss to the Washington Redskins.

Who is Jake Long’s grandma?

Susan Long
Children: Haley Long(Daughter) Jake Long(Son)
Nephew: Gregory
Cousins: Cathy
Pets: Fu Dog

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