How much does the Walt Disney Concert Hall cost?

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Construction cost $130 million (plus $110 million for parking garage)
Architect Frank Gehry
Structural engineer Cosentini Associates

Furthermore, can you get married at the Disney Concert Hall?

Weddings at the Music Center on average cost $175.00 – $250.00 per person. Weddings at the Walt Disney Concert Hall generally on average cost $200.00 – $250.00 per person. Your costs may be lower or higher depending upon the extent of your wedding plans.

In this regard, can you go into the Walt Disney Concert Hall? The Music Center offers free self-guided audio tours year-round of The Music Center’s iconic Walt Disney Concert Hall. The fully revamped tour takes visitors through the Concert Hall’s history from conception to completion.

Considering this, how big is the Walt Disney Concert Hall?

approximately 300,000 square feet

How long are concerts at Walt Disney Concert Hall?

2-2 ½ hours

Is there a dress code for Walt Disney Concert Hall?

You will see people in suits and dresses and other people in jeans and a polo shirt. There is no strict dress code for our concerts, but as a rule, “smart casual” is a good guideline.

Is Walt Disney Concert Hall free?

Best of all, it’s open to exploring inside and out during the day totally free of charge. You can walk around on your own or visit as part of a free 90-minute guided tour of the whole Music Center campus or a 60-minute guided tour of just the Disney Concert Hall.

Where are the best seats at the Walt Disney Concert Hall?

Seating Options

Every seat at Walt Disney Concert Hall is a good one since it’s a 360° layout, but here are a few tips on choosing the best seat for you: For a piano performance: Look for a seat in the left of Front Orchestra, Orchestra East, or Terrace East (to see the piano keys or the pianist’s hands).

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