How much are vinylmation worth?

Vinylmation figures just never had that appeal as they remained an item that only Disney fanatics would purchase. The figures are worth $10 to $12 with little growth on the secondary market. Collectibles will increase in value once they sell out, but that was not the case for most Vinylmations.

Keeping this in consideration, do they still make vinylmation?

Trading. Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts have recently stopped official trading because vinylmations are considered “collectibles” not “traders”. However, despite Disney’s ban on trading, trading still happens between private collections.

Keeping this in view, does Disneyland still sell vinylmation? While you may still purchase Vinylmations, the trading of them is no longer being offered at stores and resorts.

Subsequently, when was vinylmation made?

The name Vinylmation is a combination of the words animation and vinyl. The figures are all shaped like Mickey Mouse but have different themed markings, colors, and patterns. Vinylmation was first introduced in July 2008, and the first figures were introduced in November 2008.

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