How many employees does Disney hire?

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Disney Annual Number of Employees
2021 190,000
2020 203,000
2019 223,000
2018 201,000

In respect to this, who is the highest paid Disney employee?

The Walt Disney Company’s highest paid executives include: Alan N. Braverman $11,118,951 and Kevin A. Mayer $10,125,349. Comparably has 1 executive salary records from The Walt Disney Company employees including job titles like VP of Business Development, VP of Engineering, and VP of Marketing.

Beside above, who is the largest employer in the US?

Walmart, Inc.

hideUnited States-based Largest Private Employers
Rank Employer Global number of Employees
1 Walmart, Inc. 2,300,000
2, Inc. 1,468,000
3 Allied Universal 800,000

Keeping this in consideration, who is the largest employer in the world?

Wal-Mart Stores

Rank Company 2011 Number of Employees ▾
1 Wal-Mart Stores 2,200,000
2 China National Petroleum 1,668,072
3 State Grid 1,583,000
4 Sinopec Group 1,021,979

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